Friday, August 31, 2012

Just Ducky!

Three new girls arrived on the farm yesterday afternoon.
They needed a home.
Much to the shock and dismay of the old flock...

they arrived in a crate...

at first hard to discern....
"how many? what color?  looks like white... are they girls? boys?
friend or foe?" was heard amongst the quacks.

Then the crate was opened and out popped three heads....

three white heads with red faces
and one with black spots on its head.

They emerged and suddenly "they" became "the gals".

Meet Mrs. Wellington, Beulah May, and Edith.
(Yes, another Edith...but she came with that name, so we certainly cannot change it!)

"What's this?  Well, it's a whole lot of water!"

"And over here?.... Food!"

"This place might not be so bad after all."
"Let's try out the water....

(they waddled across the pond through the shallow end...
me thinks they cannot swim!)

(Have I told you that we keep a radio playing in the duck hut to discourage the foxes,
and a light shines at night to keep the owls away!)
(We love our ducks!)

Meanwhile, back in the barnyard...

"Chloe...what happened to your fly mask?"
Who do you suppose did this?
I can only imagine...

Oh and the donkeys wanted to show you our new two headed donkey!
Amazing, right?

Happy Labor Day weekend to you all...
may your days be filled with fun and sunshine.
Ours will be spent on the farm with family...
my favorite little buddy Tyler is coming for a visit!


  1. Fun post! Love your blog Beverly! Have a great weelend with little Tyler!!!

  2. The donkey photo is something else. It looks like one of those old fashioned animal postcards. The ones were the turkeys are as big as small cars. The new duck girls are lovely. Just another fun day on the farm.

  3. Have a wonderful week-end. Hope those duckies settle in quickly. :-))

  4. Your post Quack, Quack, Quack me up!!!!!!!! I know pretty sad humor! Have a great weekend with your little buddy! Hugs!!

  5. Oh what lovely new duck girls. Enjoy your weekend:-)

  6. The new gals will adjust fine. Love your ideas about keeping critters away at night. Have a great weekend.

  7. Have a ton of fun with Tyler! I know you will.

    Love the new ducks.

  8. Congratulations on your new "Quackers".. I hope they are quickly accepted by the others..Nice photo with the donkeys..Enjoy your weekend !!

  9. hi! i just found you and i love love love your blog. i am adding you to my sidebar in a sec. i have lots of reading here. so glad i found you!

  10. Those duckies are going to think they've gone straight to heaven on your farm. Lucky girls! I love their names. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  11. Lucky ducks! Love the pink ball fringe on the fly mask!
    : ) Kris

  12. I've never commented before, but I just want to say...LOVE your blog. You truly inspire me! I remember reading on here something about peacocks. Whatever happened with them?


  13. Awesome post, and i love your ducks too! Is it possible to hug a duck? Because i want to! :D A Happy Labor Day Weekend to you also...

  14. Oh good! You added more ducks to your farm family, what a joy they are. The man who sold us our last flock also kept a radio playing at all times. Ours are free range, so the radio thing doesn't work for us.

  15. Lovey duck girls bet they will have so much fun there ! Love your photos ! Hope you all had a wonderful day on the farm with the family , I know I would !


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