Friday, July 13, 2012


I have to tell you...
with this many critters to care for,
there is always someone who gives me cause for worry.

This week has been especially worrisome.

We started with MaryAnn's hair loss....which thankfully is normal.

Then, early in the week, I witnessed these two fellows forcing themselves on one of my
older hens.

(Somehow I didn't expect this sort of cross-species interaction!)
I intervened and picked up a very traumatized chicken.
I brought her back to the barn and settled her into the feed room,
on top of the hay bales, with food and water.

I was hoping that a little rest would bring her back to her old self.
Sadly, after two days she died.

The very same day Leo (last summer's barn cat addition) went missing...
not entirely missing as he was seen on occasion.
But, he missed his meals (which he never does) and did not sleep in the barn
(which he always does).

I searched and searched, calling for him....

Then finally, last night he returned...
feverish, delirious, blood around his nostrils, difficulty breathing.

We immediately ran him up to Dr. Becky's where he received
a penicillin shot and an anti-inflammatory.

Leo is sick.
I am worried.

I had thought that when my own children became adults
there would no longer be anyone to worry about.

Not the case...
now there are more worries than ever...
and they come with feathers and fur,
four legs and two.

At least everyone else seems to be doing well.

We'll keep our fingers crossed!
And if you have a little spare spot in your prayers for a sweet kitty...
say one for Leo.

PS:  School is out for the guineas.  The youngsters have graduated and will be free-ranging
around the farm.  I will keep you updated with their progress.
More prayers needed for these crazy bird brains!

It has been incredibly hot (and dry as a bone) here...
as you can see the donkeys are sweating profusely from the heat!

Just kidding, this picture was taken during one of our last big rains....
months ago!
Add rain to your prayers.
Thank you.


  1. It seems there is always something to pray for..Leo, for sad..I hope he recovers soon and is back to his cute little self...Sorry about the hen..Maybe there was something wrong with her and the turkeys sensed it??? Rain, yes rain...we are seriously dry....More prayers!!

  2. That is the hard thing about loving our animals. There are times when you just can't make it better:-(

  3. So sorry to hear you've been having lots of worries. It does seem to be the year for it. I just keep blaming everything on our non-existent winter. Hope Leo recovers.

  4. Oh poor Leo..I sure hope he will pull through this. What a worry. Prayer sent your way for the little fella. Wonder what he got into?? Poison??
    Wow so surprised the turkey went after the chicken..especially as they have lived together for so long. How sad!!!
    We are cooking here also and am very tired of it all. I am one to love the spring and fall..even winter is better in my minid. Summer heat is wearing!!
    Keep cool...hugs to sick little Leo.

  5. Cynthia in DenverJuly 13, 2012 at 10:18 AM

    I am saddened by the chickens death, and a bit surprised a roo didn't intervene. Time for an adult female turkey or 2?

  6. I am so sorry to hear this ! I pray all goes well at Bee Haven Acres !

  7. Oh poor Leo. I hope the shot of antibiotics did the trick for your pretty kitty cat. And poor chicken!!! What a traumatic thing.
    Farm life can be hard.

  8. I will be thinking of your animals and you. I know what it feels like to worry over a sick pet. I hope everyone is better soon.

  9. Rain and lovely Leo will certainly be given some positive energy. Po' kitty. Po' chicken. Rasty turkeys. But then there is so much positive to focus upon. Have a good weekend. Oma Linda

  10. Ohhh...I know exactly how you feel! When I get my dumb computer fixed I plan on posting about a heartbreak we had this week! ~Kim

  11. My family used to raise turkeys and we learned that toms will often try to hump just about anything. I'm sorry your hen was a victim of that. Sounds like she may have sustained internal injuries from the attentions. I hope Leo gets well. His symptoms sound like either poison or he came into an undesirable contact with another animal who won. Did the vet check for internal injuries? Having animals doesn't keep us from concern after the children leave.

  12. Oh, so sad about your chicken and so sad about Leo being sick. I will definitely pray for Leo and also for rain. We finally got rain here in San Antonio-it is such a relief!

    Tell Leo that lots of people love him and want him hunting mice real soon!

  13. sending prayers so Leo can get over whatever he has, and some for you.

    Annie v.

  14. Prayers will be offered for you and your critters, and also the much needed rain. Have a wonderful weekend, dawn

  15. Prayers for the cat and for rain... and JEEZ you had me going for a second.. I thought.. OMG USE A HOSE TO COOL THEM OFF!!!...


  16. Sorry about your little chicken. That is very disturbing. I hope Leo recovers. Those symptoms could be many things but I am wondering if he was hit and thrown by a car. Sometimes they receive internal damage and not much on the outside. I do hope he is getting better. Give him a hug for me. Deb (we need rain, too)

  17. Shocked over the turkeys with the hen. Poor little hen. Will say a prayer for Leo. Hope you get rain. After a year and a half of drought, we have been enjoying a week of rain with much lower temperatures. Thank you God.

  18. Aww Bev that's too bad about your little old hen...I never would have thought a turkey would be interested in a hen. Poor Leo...I hope the penicillin shots help him. He really is a sweet fellow. I'll be watching to see how things go for him. Sounds as though we're both getting the same hot dry weather...lets hope we get some soon! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Maura :)

  19. Poor little hen. I have several that are quite old and when I see Big Rooster on one of them, I rescue her.

    I wonder what's wrong with Leo? I hope he gets better really soon.


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