Monday, July 23, 2012

Who's Who...Part 1

Believe it or not,
we have flown the coop!
We are Alaska!!

It has been so many years since Hubbs and I took a vacation all to ourselves.
This year we did it!
A small army of friends are family are taking care of our beloved critters in our absence.

 While we are gone, there will still be a daily post on our blog.
(You all made me feel so loved with your comments about reading this blog...
I couldn't just leave you for two weeks without a daily treat!)

We thought it might be fun to do a "Who's Who Around the Farm" each day...
giving all of our beloved animals a short showcase.

For those of you who are new to this blog,
this will give you an opportunity to meet our cast of characters.
(And believe me, they ARE characters!)

To get us rolling....
Ginger and Maryann volunteered to go first.
(Everybody loves Ginger and MaryAnn!)
These two are our one-year-old Kunekune Pig sisters.

If you are not familiar with Kunekunes,
they originally came from New Zealand and at one time were in danger of extinction.
Because of their gentle nature and "petite" stature, they have grown in popularity
amongst hobby farmers...
thereby increasing their numbers substantially.
They are the vegetarian cousin of the pig, eating mostly grass and weeds.

MaryAnn is our most outgoing of the two.

She loves frequent belly rubs and ear scritches.

Swim in her pool, napping, and wallowing in her mud, and napping again
are her favorite activities!

If you have never seen a pig yawn, you just did!

Ginger is the showier of the two.

Brown and white as a baby, she has turned mostly black and white now.
Like MaryAnn, Ginger is also quite friendly and loves human contact...
second only to eating!

We love, love, love our pigs.
(And are missing them terribly right now!)


  1. Love them! Watched a pig show at the county fair this weekend for the first my kids want pigs (and goats, and ducks, and more chickens) Hope your having fun!!!

  2. My Husband grew up in Kodiak Alaska and we have a son in Anchorage. HAVE FUN!!

  3. They are just too adorable...I added a baby picture to my blog today, as well. I know you will have a wonderful time on your trip...and isn't it wonderful to have such a wonderful crew at home!!!

  4. You know how much we love Ginger and Mary Ann! Love the yawn!

    Hope you are having a wonderful time! Meghan

  5. so adorable! hope you're having a wonderful time!

  6. I think your sweet piggies are CUTE!! Have a great vacation in Alaska.

  7. I love your pigs too! Hope you are having a fabulous time!
    XO Kris

  8. Beautiful girls. I always knew Mary Ann was more out-going than lol

  9. My..What a big mouth you have Mary Ann..Somehow I knew this was going to start with the piggies..I hope you're enjoying yourselves..

  10. Awwww...Ginger and Mary Ann are SO cute. Hope you and your 'Hubs' are having fun up there in Alaska if you're already there. We're heading out Wednesday morning but it will be 3 days before we cross the border into British Columbia. Not sure if I'll 'see' you when we're up there but I'll definitely 'see' you when we get back. Maura :)

  11. What a wonderful idea.. a daily who's who! Love it. And love your animals. I want to give them scritches too! What total sweethearts Mary Ann and Ginger are. I eagerly look forward to your next installment. :D


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