Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Farm Excitement

Yesterday was quite an exciting day...
the kind of day that might end up putting Bee Haven Acres on the map!

Before I tell you all about it,
let's back up; and for the sake of those of you who are new, make a few introductions.

Meet Tyler....
my number one man for the past two years,
my favorite (and only) grandchild.

Tyler's Mommy, Jenn....

Tyler's Aunt Amanda...

Tyler and his Mommy (and his Grammie, too) were the subjects of a professional
photo shoot at the farm yesterday....

Aunt Amanda works for a non-profit nutrition education organization who is 
launching an ad campaign about the importance of family meals...
incorporating fresh seasonal local produce when available.
Tyler and his Mommy were portraying a single Mom and child.
Several locations around the farm were used...the above was in our little guest cottage.

We also took a few three generation photos outdoors at a picnic table near the barn.
A photo shoot with a two year old is not the easiest accomplishment,
but I am happy to say that Tyler was a trooper and a whole lot of great pictures
were the end result of the day!

In the next year or so his cute little face may be showing up on billboards
across Pennsylvania!

When the photo shoot was finished, I took a little time to unwind in the pigpen.

This is one of my favorite places to relax.
I sit on the grass and call to Ginger and MaryAnn...
and MaryAnn is always the first to come running.

As she approaches me, she grunts a special little grunt that I only ever hear 
when she is coming to see me.
I think she is telling me how happy she is that I am here!

She settles down in the grass beside me and I rub her ears and her neck.

She is seriously the sweetest animal, ever.

Don't you just want to kiss that sweet little nose???
(I fight the urge!)

I have always loved pigs, but not until these two came to live on the farm,
did I have any clue what special creatures they are!

And photogenic, too!!


Do you remember the little nest I found in the blueberry patch?
The one with three little blue speckled eggs?

Well, I put bright orange tape all around the bush to keep intruders away...
and look what I found today when I checked the nest...

two tiny, featherless hatchlings...
resting from the hard work of being born.

We also had a nest in our garage, beneath a helmet.

Three juvenile house wrens left the nest this week
and tried out their wings for the first time.

I am always in awe of the cycle of life...
and so very lucky to constantly witness it in this oh, so special place...
this farm filled with love and positive energy!


  1. Your farm is a wonderful place. I went to a new farm last week to buy my eggs and talked the kids ear off about all his animals. He had alpacas and they were adorable. How exciting about the photo shoot. They couldn't get a cuter billboard model!!!

  2. Isn't the country a beautiful place so much to see and learn from ! Wonderful photos and post . Thats great Tyler may be a poster boy for good eatin he is a cutie . Have a wonderful day !

  3. Ooo la la!! A famous poster boy!!! And for a good cause!

    Miss Maryann, I will have to pass on that smooch on the nose! But I could do ear rubs and back scratches!Y Yep, someday you are on my travel list!

    Enjoy your day on the farm!!!

  4. Tyler the poster boy!!! Couldn't find a cuter one...Piggie love..How sweet..I hope your birdies thrive..Many of ours are stolen by Jays and blackbirds...very sad..I guess that's the downside of the cycle of life..

  5. Lovely photo shoot participants. Great campaign as well.
    Your piggies are ever so dear. My uncle raised pigs for awhile. He had some orphans that had to live in the house one summer when I was visiting. Oh my goodness the sweetness of playing with those babies. And their individual voices as they fuss and talk to each other.
    Thanks for making my day a happier one, Oma Linda

  6. How exciting for all of you!! Tyler is such a doll!!! One of our girls, Erika, is also a single Mom. She is Noah's Mama. I have had care of Noah since she returned to work after his birth. I know the sense of protection and closeness you feel!
    I would love to hear more about your little cottage. How do you use it? Photos?
    Have a beautiful day!
    Give Maryann and smooch for me!

  7. cute piggy and even cuter boy!

  8. Hi Beverly, OMG, your Tyler is a doll! I'll bet he keep you busy when he's around ~ which is often I hope!

    What good work Amanda is doing. As a teacher who works in an urban school district, it breaks my heart when I see kids stuffing food in their pockets, especially on Friday's, because they don't know what they'll be eating over the weekend. Then on Monday's scarfing their food down because they are so hungry from the weekend. I wish we could run some sort of "Farmers Market" at school and give out bags of nutritional food . . . it's one of my goals.

    Keep up the good work!


  9. That face with those cheeks belongs on a billboard...

  10. Loved all the photos.. A photo shoot, how exciting! As for the pigs? Total love! I had to potbelly pigs Tara and Hanna and they were my loves.. They are EXTREMELY intelligent and EXTREMELY affectionate and to most peoples surprise CLEAN!.. They will only go to the bathroom in ONE spot and if you keep them indoors they will burst before they ever soil your home.. Unfortunately my health does not permit me to have pigs anymore but if it did I would have many :)

  11. What an incredibly wonderful call home! Can't wait to see the completed photos from the shoot! What a handsome young man! Those darn adorable!


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