Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Fun

Weekends on the farm fly by so quickly,
but are always filled with lots of family, friends and fun!

This past weekend was no exception.
We had visits from family and dear friends with their three golden retrievers.
(Three beautifully coiffed and exceptionally well behaved goldens!)
Yes, sadly, these lovely canine friends put our old smelly, not-as-well-behaved country dogs to shame.

This is 3 month old Oliver, and it was his first trip to the country.
He met the pigs and the donkeys and the horses, and was a very well behaved little man!

We prepared our meals from the garden,
with lots of extra help to harvest.

As for the continuing saga of hay harvesting....

we decided, after working the hay all week, trying to get it dry...
(Thanks Jim for all the help!)
that it was not of the quality we would like, so we decided to give this first cutting
to our dairy farming neighbor (he lets us borrow his equipment).

He baled it in round bales and it ended up being a lot of hay!

We will hopefully get two more cuttings later this summer that we will stow in our barns
for winter usage.


  1. We're at the tail end of putting up our first cutting too... we have four fields that we hay. The quality is better this year due to fertilization last year, but we also had issues with rain. Some of it will probably mold up and be used for mulch hay. It's a science! and it isn't easy, as you know.

  2. Too bad about the hay. I hope it is better the next cutting.

  3. Cute pics... sorry about the hay... but it is nice to share, eh?

  4. Wonderful photos ! Sounds like a good weekend to me ! Have a good day !

  5. Wonderful photos ! Looks like a good weekend to me ! Have a great day !

  6. Looks like fun on the farm to me!Hum, Golden behave??? I was with 2 "old" Golden's over the weekend and they need to take lessons! But at 11 & 15 I think there training is over.

    Let's hope for better luck with the second and third cutting!!!

  7. Sad hay story..a lot of work on your part..Better luck next time..Definitely a lot of hay to be appreciated elsewhere...At least it's not being wasted..
    Glad you enjoyed this beautiful too..


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