Monday, June 4, 2012

Family Day At The Farm

Friday's post focussed on all of the preparations for this weekend's Open Farm.
My final wish was that the weather would cooperate on Friday night.
You see, we were threatened with severe thunder storms and tornado warnings.
None of which happened....just a mild storm on Friday night with a strong shower.

By Saturday morning, the air was clean and fresh, the sky was blue, 
the temperatures cool (perfect, really).
We truly could not have asked for a more beautiful day!

Right before guests started to arrive, we gals donned our aprons...

From left to right are Ashley (son Andy's girlfriend), Jen (daughter, Tyler's Mommy), 
Kelley (Hubbs' right hand at the office), me, and Amanda (daughter).

We spent the day visiting with guests and introducing them to the animals.
To me, there is nothing more precious than the excitement of kids on a farm.

Tyler (on the passenger's side) is asking, "Are you sure you know how to drive this thing?"

By the end of the day, the pigs were exhausted...

the goats were stuffed (with Ritz)...

and the dogs were exhausted

and stuffed (with picnic goodies)!

Tyler had a ride in the big tractor
and was in his glory.

When we took him over and set him on our newly refurbished Tin Lizzy,
he threw his head down in despair as if to say, "You call this a tractor?"

The kids piled into the hay wagon

 for a good ole fashioned hay ride.

Sharing our wonderful farm and seeing it through the eyes of children
made for a truly magical day!

Everyone remarked at how personable our animals are.
We spend so much time with our critters,
it's good to see that it pays off!

We are so very lucky to have the life that we do, here on the farm.
But, honestly, to share it with others is the best part!

It really was a perfect day.

And I don't know, but after watching the kids with all of the different animals,
I'm thinking we might need a cow!



  1. What a wonderful day!! The pictures show much more than just the happy shows your devotion to your farm. Nothing like kids visiting to brighten up your day. Just watching them with the animals is such a treat.
    Weather can mess up an event and I am so happy to see the storms stayed away. That weather came to see

  2. Cows have the prettiest eyes. Their manure is top shelf too. Love the photos. I wish I lived closer, I would have loved to meet all the animals. Oh, so happy the weather cooperated.

  3. So glad the weather was good for your farm day. It does look like everyone had a good time!

  4. What a wonderful fun day Beverly-to share with all! Wish I lived closer-I surely would have come!! Love the aprons the best!!

  5. After being gone for 5 days and having withdraws from your blog, what a wonderful post to return too. All the smiles, happy animals and one proud Mamma of the farm! What a perfect weekend for you!! Now go rest for 5 second for the farm work won't! Hugs!!!

  6. You definitely need to get a cow. Since you like heritage breeds, maybe you could consider a dual breed that can be used for beef and to milk! I know you said no more animals, but you have got to have a cow to make your farm complete.

  7. I would suggest a couple of cute alpacas. They are easy keepers, easy on the grass, have a community poop pile, and adorable photo subjects:-)

  8. Nooooo cows...Remember your "this is the last" which I reply.."We'll see"..Glad your weekend was a success and the weather was wonderful..Good job!!

  9. What a splendid weekend for you all!! No doubt everyone went home tired and happy...leaving all those tired animals behind. :)
    Love the idea of a cow...are you up for more work?

  10. Sounds like a wonderful day! If I had a farm I'd have to share with the world too. :-)

  11. What great fun for all! Nice that you can share your labor of love!!!!


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