Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays

We've had a week with much needed rainfall.
So much, in fact, that our grass seed has taken hold, sprouted and looks like a lush green carpet 
is right around the corner!

Yesterday's continuous rain made it the perfect day for a trip to the local Amish greenhouse.
I am like a junkie when it comes to greenhouses...
I can't wait for my next fix.
It's so bad that the local greenhouses know me and often greet me with "Back again?"

It amazes me when I find a new flower that I have never seen before.
Like "Joey"....the pink feathery flower
Maple flower....in orange with variegated leaves.

Despite the rain, I potted all of these flowers in containers around the barn.
The right attire makes any job possible...

A waterproof rainsuit is an essential for farm work.
Camouflage muck shoes.... optional!

Thanks to the generous rainfalls, the new "pigpen" will soon be inhabitable.

We had a 10,000 square foot area fenced in for Ginger and MaryAnn's new summer home.
The "run-in" shed in the upper right corner has a room built into it 
that the pigs will use as a summer stall.

I cut a small door into the bottom left corner and built a non-skid ramp for easy access.
This new enclosure comes complete with a mud hole
and lots of shade....
which will make for two very happy pigs during the hot summer.

To keep you updated on Edith, our broody turkey...
she remains safely sitting on her nest at the edge of the woods.

As for our guinea keets and chicklets...

they are getting bigger by the day.
Their feathers are starting to grow.

It's hard to imagine that in a few short months
they will end up looking like this....

And speaking of growing up...
our "kids" will soon be leaving for their new homes...
their toddler time with us will soon come to a close.

They are all getting so big now,
and independent.
Their little horns are 1 to 2 inches long,
and they are eating "big goat" food.
Sadly, they do grow up.
But next year will bring another group of babies.
We are lucky to have then while they are tiny... the best time!


  1. I love reading your blog..it's always so colorful. Your pictures are always postcard quality!

  2. They do grow fast dont they ! Awesome photos ! I love greenhouses and garden centres as well so much beauty in them . My mum mostly planted i the rain she said it was the best time for planting even some other farmer said that as well . WOW love the pigpen bet the will enjoy all the space. Have a great day !

  3. It's so fun to find new flowers...haven't seen either of those before...lovely. Thanks for sharing another day at the farm..it is always a delight.

  4. So, you sell your goats? I didn't know that. You are right though... the best time to have and enjoy them is when they are adorable kids.

  5. I'm such a sucker for any flower nursery. I still have many more plants to get in the ground. I got carried away this year. Oh, will the piggies love their new yard. So much room to run and romp! Bye baby goats, wait they are not babies anymore. Bye Big Goats! They were so cute to watch grow. What a variety of chicks and keets. Makes for a colorful grouping. I hope you have a great day! See you tomorrow! hugs!!

  6. Oh the flowers are so pretty and vibrant. I want some but they would have to be protected from critters, including our chickens, and flowers wrapped in chicken wire just aren't the same.
    I am worried about Edith and her safety. Can't you build a house around her, please?

  7. Beverly, Your fences are the best! they are so substantial. I don't know how we keep ours from falling down> Can I take fence building lessons from you?
    I love those little guinea's and have been on the lookout for some. You see how you influence me??! You are dangerous!

    Poor little turkey chicks, I am sorry about that! I had the pleasure of witnessing, bit by bit, one of our baby chicklets hatching last week. It took about 24 hours, and I was there when she finally broke away the last bit o shell.

  8. Things are so cute when they are little...I love your new flowers and envy the space you have to plant them.

  9. Love your flowers and kids. Maryann and ginger will be sooo happy in their new home... The Guineas are so cute, it's hard to beleive that they will soon be all grown up! Your farm is great!

  10. OMG I just wrote this long comment and it got lost. :( I was telling you how much I loved the critters and that I grew up in upstate NY on a mini farm and then lived here in So CA in an equestrian area brfore returning to the beach, I love it here, but sometimes do miss the critter part. :(

  11. I love your blog Bev! It makes me smile every time I pop in! Thanks for sharing your life.

  12. Thanks for the update on the gray horse. We all need the rain and it looks like your animals are all dry and comfortable... or wet and comfortable, depending on what they prefer. :-)


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