Friday, May 25, 2012

Growing Goats, Growing Farmers

Yesterday Becky and I vaccinated the mama goats and their babies.
We wormed them and trimmed their hooves in preparation for moving them to a new enclosure.

Very soon O'Malley's twins will be leaving for their new homes...
leaving us just with "Dot" (one of Sissy's triplets).

It' hard to believe another kidding season has come and gone.
It's comforting to remember as each of the kids leaves for their new home,
that next year will bring a whole new group of baby goats.

While I was up helping Becky,
I snapped this picture of happy ole Pete.
You may remember that just a few short months ago, Pete was sadder than sad...
and skinny as a rail.

He has put on a lot of weight and is doing great.
As you can see, he is quite comfortable in his surroundings!
Becky plans to float his teeth one more time and then try a bit in his mouth
and get him under saddle.

It will be fun to see what kind of ride he turns out to be.
He is very kind and tries hard to please,
but he is also very skittish and fearful (due to his previous life.)

First harvest of broccoli this year
I have been spending some of my free time writing a course syllabus for a "farm school."
We are kicking around the idea of offering a course on basic farming skills...
gardening, beekeeping, animal care, composting, etc.
Our Amanda pointed out that so many of her friends would like to be self sufficient,
but don't have the skills or knowledge of gardening, home canning, or even cooking.

Blanching broccoli
We are going to give this a trial run with a basic overview course...
with the intent of offering more in-depth courses if there is interest.
At this point, we are in the planning stages...

Broccoli, preparation for vacuum sealing and freezing.
but I think it is going to be a lot of fun!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful thing to teach people since so many folks are wanting to get away from store bought food and grow their own. It's something we are hoping to do once we retire next year. :-))

  2. We love having goats, too. Sweet Pete. I know I've said it before, but sure am glad he's living on your farm. Your broccoli looks wonderful!

  3. Your school plans do sound like fun!

  4. Pete looks wonderful..Amanda is right..You have so many basic skills that today's kids don't know and will probably never learn in their day to day lives of fast food and texting..What a great idea.You'd be a wonderful teacher..

  5. What a great idea! I work at a library and with the number of books going out on just those subjects, I think you will do well. Have a great weekend!

  6. Good Morning Bev! My goodness you do keep busy don't're like that Energizer Bunny that just keeps going and going LOL! What a wonderful idea to have a course that teaches these old time skills...I know you'd do a GREAT job and would be a great teacher. Pete is looking round and happy...he's a lucky boy. I wonder if with some desensitizing if he would make a good riding horse for you...maybe one that doesn't buck on a whim? I know you love Moonbeam and maybe he'll get over that but it was just a thought. Your broccoli is looking good...I've never grown the stuff...but I sure love it. Thanks for stopping's always nice to 'see' you. I hope you and your family have a WONDERFUL Memorial Day weekend.
    Maura :)

  7. Pete looks soo good . I hope he doesnt rear up to much and buck for Beckey when she trys to break him in saddle and bridle ! Sounds good to get people around that are interested in farming and how its done wish I could be there to help as I was raised on a hobby farm , live stock and gardens ! Awesome photos. Have a good day !

  8. I think a course like that would be fabulous!!!! Go for it!!!
    XO Kris

  9. Hi Bev,
    Love reading your daily adventures. I'm so glad there is someone else out in this small world that has as much excitement as I do (both good and bad). I was wondering if you vaccinate you pregnant does 4 weeks before kidding since I read that you are vaccinating now. Just curious as to your overall vaccinating schedule.
    Thanks so much for your time.

  10. We actually were only vaccinating the kids yesterday.

  11. Darling Pete! What a sweet, loving face. (And do i see a little mischief in his eyes?) And broccoli.. well that's just plain yummy!

  12. Thanks for posting the update of Pete. I started following your blog shortly after you got him because I was curious as to his outcome. He looks great and very comfortable! :-) I also have enjoyed your gardens and lovely pets. Maryann and Ginger are living a pigs life of luxury! Have a great weekend!

  13. As always a great post. I think the "self-sufficiency" class sounds great. Just have one question: what does "float his teeth" mean?! ;-)

  14. Floating their teeth means to file their teeth. A horse's teeth keep erupting through most of their lives. The chewing surface gets worn down, leaving pointy edges on the sides. These points have to be filed down even with the rest of the tooth, or chewing becomes painful for the horse.


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