Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter's Palette

Ok, so I have been a bit spoiled with this winter's weather.
We have had more balmy 50 degree days than ever in my lifetime.
I honestly can say that I have not suffered through frigid temps at all this year.

Just so that I don't get comfortable, however, Ole Man Winter
reminded me that he still reigns,
and that Spring remains hidden for now.

Yesterday, when I awoke, my world had been transformed into this....
(I'm not complaining, after all, you must admit this is breathtakingly beautiful!)

Have a great weekend....
I hope to see you next week for more Tails from the Farm!


  1. Your photos are beautiful. If you must have snow, it's so nice to capture it when it's still fresh. Enjoy your weekend on the farm!

  2. How beautiful and peaceful your farm looks. Thanks for sharing these views this morning. You know what's coming next, my love, Sadie! A perfect ending to the video. I'm sitting here with my heart melting.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I always look for your blog right after I wake up and you always have the best pictures or a wonderful video to start my day!

  4. I fear that Ole Man Winter may be here to stay for awhile...Beautiful photography...Enjoy your weekend..

  5. So beautiful...and I'm deeply envious here in the snow-deprived Hudson Valley...

  6. Beautiful...and so are those pictures!

  7. It's always prettier in someone else's yard than in my own!



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