Thursday, February 16, 2012

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Hubbs has been home all week...
a little mid-winter vacation at home.
It's been a treat for me to have extra time with him.
It also has given me the opportunity to do a few things that I cannot do alone.

video my riding so that I can critique it.
It's so much easier to see your mistakes through someone else's eyes.
So, I took the video footage that he got and edited it a bit.

Here it is....mistakes and all....
(oh and please excuse the one'll know which part I mean...
but I thought you needed the whole "stinkin" experience!)


  1. Looking good!... what a handsome horse.

  2. That was great I enjoyed the video ! How many hands is Moonbeam ! Well you may think you need to do better on your legs being pulled in and back I didnt see it but I like the way you post in a trot very smooth ! Glad you are having time with hubs . Have a great day !

  3. P.S it isnt so easy to ride grace full on such a sturdy built horse they tend to have a much heavier gate and drop when they trot but you are doing great ! Personally I see Haflingers as more of a western horse because of their build . My sisters Haflinger Ziggy she rides english as well ! Have a good day !

  4. That was great! Boy you guys are fast. Have a great day!!!

  5. As long as you are having fun, that is the most important thing. What a nice way to spend part of the day.

  6. I'm a novice computer chair horse rider, and now my azzz hurts from watching, but I think I won the money for Betsy Bingo!


  7. Love the video! Since I don't ride you looked perfect to me. You are getting to be quite the choreographer! Enjoyed the video, hugs!!

  8. Looks like fun and you look great! Have fun with Moonbeam and hubby.

  9. Looking good both of you , just love the horse's mane flying and the delicate way he has of putting his hooves down.

    Annie v.

  10. Lookin good..I thought you were supposed to be able to look down the front of your leg and see your toes..legs look pretty good to me...It looks like you come off your seat pretty far but then I never saw a video of me posting...Just have fun!!!

  11. Looks great! Riding is a great year-round activity. This time of year all the furs must be filthy. I have been wanting to watch myself ride on video too, a little nervous, but it is a great way to see exactly what you are doing right and wrong. Thanks for the idea!

  12. Nice to have a great place to practice your riding skills! You're doing great ~~~ and nice to have your hubby home!

  13. You're doing wonderful Bev! Love the little 'blurp' in there LOL...I saw you trying to make it easier for him ;) Watching you post...I don't know if my knees could take that but I'd love to try English one day. Have fun practicing!


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