Friday, February 3, 2012

The Ladies in Waiting

This Fall's breeding season was successful.
Now all that's left is the waiting.

Becky and I spent  a little time with the pregnant does
giving Sissy and Sally their vaccinations,

then trimming everyone's hooves and

brushing through their cashmere winter coats.

We save all of the fur that we get to have spun into yarn.
O'Malley and her daughter Sally produce the most luxurious fiber.

Naturally, Ritz crackers are the reward for all of this fussing around.
If any of you know anyone who works for Nabisco,
would you please put in a good word for us?
We have to be the largest individual consumer of Ritz crackers.
It sure would be nice if Nabisco would send us a few free cases!

Sissy has volunteered to be their spokes goat.

She has longed for a career in front of the camera!
See how photogenic she is...

While we were working on Sissy,
we overheard O'Malley and her daughter Sally cracking jokes.
These two are our resident comediennes.

O'Malley: "Hey Sally, how many sheep does it take to make a sweater?"

Sally: "I didn't know sheep could knit."

Sally: " HAHAHAHA! But seriously, folks".

Sally:  "Hey Mom, where does a sheep go to get a haircut?"

Sally: "To the BAA BAA Shop!!!  HAHAHAHAHAH!"

"Oh puh-leeeeeze!"

Just a little barnyard humor to brighten your day.
Hope we left you with a smile!

Have a wonderful weekend....
and we'll see you back here Monday for more Tails from the Farm!!

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  1. Sissy looks like she is a natural in front of the camera
    Have a great weekend

  2. To funny. Its these little silly jokes that always give me a good laugh. You know there coming but still you can't help yourself. The goats look happy and sweet. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Bev, You make my day and this one is one of the best.
    I love you and your farm animals. I think David Letterman pales beside your humor and your photography is beautiful. Thanks so much.
    Kathy Werner

  4. That was cute made me laugh ! Loved your photos ! Bet you cant wait to have the kids running around ! Have a wonderful day !

  5. What breed is Sally and O'Malley to have the cashmere coat?
    Heather in PA

  6. Sally and O'Malley are fainting goats, also. O'Malley is a highly rated fainter...and for some reason she and all of her offspring have cashmere winter soft and warm. They are the only ones of our fainters to have this.

  7. A good morning chuckle is always a great way to start the day! Enjoy your weekend and will be looking for my "tails" from the farm!

  8. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh...Comedic goats..I've seen it all..Who uses the yarn that you have spun???

  9. Sissy really does look like she enjoys being in the spotlight!

  10. Our goat Nanny is only funny looking ;)

  11. Your girls are lovely after their little spa day. And who knew you had a comedy club right there on your farm??

  12. Totally started my day with a smile! Thanks for the funny post!

  13. Loved it ! You made my day, I needed a good laugh after a hard day ! I always enjoy your blog. Thank you

  14. I used to work for Nabisco and I took boxes, nay, cartons of ritz and saltines to my friend who has goats! So funny that you feed them the same thing.
    Unfortunately, now I'm a boring therapist with nothing to offer but a comfy couch. No good for nibbling.

    Have a Great Weekend!

  15. Sissy told me in goatspeak that I should be your newest member. The eyes have it.......


  16. Great barnyard humor! I have to go show hubby...he'll love it too!

  17. LOL goats seem like such good nature'd critters...well most of the anyway. I'll have to try and remember this blog party next Friday!

  18. I hear that David Letterman has a funny animal (stupid pet tricks) segment on his show... maybe o'malloy & sally need to go Live and who knows,,, then maybe Nabisco will sponsor BeeHaven Farms... lol! just thinking!

  19. This is hysterical! And I just LOVE Sissy!


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