Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friends and Goats and Goat Friends

Before I share today's "tail" with you, I first have to say....
you guys are all just the best!

You are there every day... encouraging me,
laughing with me,
 and occasionally consoling me.
Your comments are the highlight of every day...truly!

To you, I say:  "Thanks!"
"Thanks for being part of our farm family....
for spending a little time here with us each day!
And thanks for being the cheering section that I really don't deserve!"

on to other items.

Poor Smoochie has been a bit depressed since his castration.
Of course depression is warranted...I am sure,
but we've been a bit worried about him.

So... we moved two friends into his yard with him to cheer him
during his recovery.

Fred and Donald are sweet and gentle and would never think of
bullying him, so hopefully they will cheer him up!

Here's Sissy, standing in the doorway of the delivery room.

Notice how broad she is across the middle.
She is due in the next couple of weeks,
however, she looks as though she could deliver any day now.
Her perineum is swollen and her milk is starting to come it.
It won't be long before we will have bouncing baby goats to share with you!


  1. It is usually around 8 or 9 pm here when I get the latest instalment of Bee Haven Acres, and I look forward to it every evening. Always very amusing and educational!
    I hope poor Smoochie will soon be feeling more perky. I am sure all your male followers would be saying they would be feeling depressed too if they had been through such an ordeal!
    Sissy is certainly looking huge! I wish her well for her confinement.
    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. GAH!! Baby goats!! YAY, I love those bouncy little fluffs of joy. Can't wait.

    Oh, and SNAP OUT OF IT, Smoochie!! You'd think someone twisted your balls off.

  3. Well I can definitely see why he's depressed! !!:( hope he feels better and you have a great day on the farm!!!!

  4. Smoochie, Smoochie, what do I say but you are a typical male! Hopefully a few days of sympathy from Fred and Donald will do the trick. I can't wait for the fun pictures and vidoes of the kids! Sending hugs!!

  5. Aw, you are just a sweetie yourself!

    Can't wait for the new baby goats, I always enjoy them and their antics!

  6. "You so deserve your cheering section..We all need one..Sissy is huge..surprised she can stand...Poor Smoochie..hope he is soon out of his funk...can't wait for little goaties."


  7. Well you know.... if Donald and Fred are still intact, Smoochie is going to have nut envy.


  8. I enjoy reading and seeing your videos and photos of all the farm animlas makes me feel happy to have your lovely blog to connect again with what goes on on the farm ! I miss our hobby farm the one I grew up on and am aiming to one day have our own hobby farm . I live my dream through your blog and I thank you for that ! Cant wait for the kidds ! Have a good day !

  9. Good Morning Bev! Aww poor's understandable for him to be depressed I guess...I would imagine he's still a bit sore in his 'nether' region. That's nice of you to give him a couple of friends to keep him company. I'm excited to see your new sounds like it won't be long until your blog will be filled with post of BBG'S (bouncing baby goats ;) ) I hope your day is a good's grocery day for us and that means a trip to the city this time to see a man about a saddle before we think of food. Enjoy your riding! Maura :)

  10. I don't think Smoochie is depressed, I think he's PO, if you know what I mean. He looks kind of chapped. As a male I can't say I blame him very much. But, I suspect he'll "man" up and get over it. He is now what I call my fixed cat, a boyette.
    Jim from Texas


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