Thursday, January 26, 2012

Playtime And An Announcement

Today's post is short on words,
and long on pictures.
The past two days have been warm (50 degrees)
and so the snow is melting quickly.

Weather like this means outdoor playtime.
And when we play outside, the species always mingle...
giving me the best photo opportunities.

So, here you are...
a walk to the barn.

Sadie...who loves the snow...

just can't get enough.

And the boys...who play hard.

Maddie....talkin' turkey...

Maddie and MaryAnn...

Ginger and TomTom...

MaryAnn and Ollie....

Ginger and Ollie....

Of course, the rest of the gang has to check out the pigs...


The Littles have playtime in the arena....

Nothing like a good hard romp....

And a nice easy ride....

What a fun day yesterday was!!

And now, if you will please excuse me...
I have an announcement.

I have opened a shop...

Here we will offer goodies from the farm and from my sewing room.
I have been sewing like a fiend!

Check here for honey after our next harvest.

And for those of you who are head over heels with Ginger and MaryAnn....

Check it out.
Thank you!


  1. You are the whiz kid! Cannot believe how busy you have been... thanks for sharing the pics of all your farm babies. Love how they all get along and visit one another throughout their day. :-)

  2. Awesome photos ! Gota love them ! Thanks, you made me feel as though I was there watching and enjoying these wonderful animals ! Have a great day !

  3. Looks like the animals had a great day.I love the mini horses. Good luck in the new adventure of the shop!!! Have a great day

  4. Fun pictures...Love your "Shop"..already "pinned" it. Today you and Moonbeam got pinned..sweet picture..

  5. How wonderful it must be for you every morning with all of those happy, loving faces to greet you. Good luck with you shop your aprons look lovely. I just found your blog through Primcats. I love animals and I am now a follower. Stop by my blog sometime, I am having a Giveaway right now for Valentines Day.

    Have a lovely day,

  6. Congratulations on the Shop... Just lovely.
    love the pictures!

  7. I enjoyed all the photos of your critters. Congratulations on your shop. I am redefining myself since I lost my job and I have been thinking about a shop for a while. I wish you the best of luck with yours!

  8. Beautiful pictures! I really need to get my notecards made that I planned on doing. I'm headed to check out your market right now!

  9. Looks like the pigs were having a contest to see who had the sweetest breath! Who won?


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