Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Big Day

After months of waiting for the completion of the arena,
the big day finally arrived last week.

New Year's Eve day, I led Moonbeam,

my filthy, muddy, in-need-of-a-little-maintenance horse,

out of the pasture and into the barn for brushing, 

bridle path clipping,

and hoof filing.

Then I saddled him up....

threw on my boots and half chaps....

and headed up to the arena
for our first ride.

After the usual snorting and dancing, Moonbeam settled down 
and set out to explore his new digs.

We walked the perimeter, sniffed everything possible,
just to make sure nothing was scary....

and we took our first ride.

Short and sweet....enough for the first time.

Let me tell you, this place is pure heaven....
it never rains or snows in here.
It is peaceful and quiet...
cold, but no wind.
Just perfect!!

So many fun times will be had in this space.
Our neighbors are using it (with our encouragement) for their walks
when the weather is less than perfect.
Becky will be moving her jumps into the arena in the near future.
I plan to take the minis here to play and practice jumping, too.

Fun!....So much fun ahead!


  1. Congratulations!
    The area looks wonderful!
    Will you be making teeny, tiny, short jumps for the piggies?
    You know the girls won't want to be left out!!

  2. Great idea, Sherry....pigs are actually very athletic. I could have my own circus act!!!

  3. That is one beautiful space...and one I dream about! I love all outdoor barns, arenas, sheds, garages and I envy EVERY.SINGLE.ONE!! I seriously have a fixation on an enormous barn of my own and picture every one I pass by in my own back yard. I need a little more cash to get my cleary barn ordered and I'm almost there!! This year it's going to happen. Congratulations on your finished project and I can see lots more photos of fun you'll be having!!

  4. Looks wonderful..now everybody has a playhouse..great on a cold, windy day like today..great timing

  5. Oh my-thats an arena to drool over and I dont even ride-its still on my bucket list!! Happy "indoor" trails to you and your neighbors and all the animals that are lucky enough to romp in the arena! Piggies!!??!! too funny! have a great day Beverly!

  6. It's SUCH a beautiful building... just love the look of it.

  7. Congratulations! What a great place to play with the horses, especially when winter turns ugly.

    Aren't half chaps the best invention in recent equestrian history?

  8. It is perfect for weather like yours. I have just made the decision to sell my beautiful riding horse and it is so hard. But I need a more occasional riding horse and he is a show horse.
    Piggy sports sound very entertaining and everyone knows how trainable they are.

  9. What a way to start the new year! Here's to lots of fun in the arena for 2012!

  10. Oh, the arena is awesome!!! You all are going to enjoy it soooo much!

  11. How exciting for you and all the horses...what a fun place!

  12. That has to be such a great feeling to finally have it finished.

  13. Oh it looks AWESOME ! I am happy for you ! Does this mean we get photos of you riding in your new arena as well "smile " ? love your photos. Have a wonderful day

  14. A picture of me riding would be nice, but there never seems to be anyone around to take it when I ride....Hmmmmmm....tripod, timer....the question is can I get up on him and look presentable and face the camera in 10 seconds?????

  15. What a beautiful arena! Makes all the difference to have a warm and dry place to ride... the horse like it too!

  16. Hi Bev.
    How exciting for you! Congratulations!
    Lisa in Maine

  17. WOOOHOOO! I'm so excited for you Bev...you'll get so much use out of this building. I can't wait to see more photo's of everything that goes on in there. That thing is HUGE! Oh how I wish I was your neighbor ;) Enjoy your new riding arena and we'll be watching to see what you're up to.
    Maura :)


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