Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We're Expecting!

We performed pregnancy checks on the three fainting goat does that we have bred
for Spring babies.

Sally, O'Malley's daughter, was bred this Autumn for the first time.

She didn't seem to mind the ultrasound at all.

Good news!  She's pregnant.

We only saw one fetus...but there can always be more.

O'Malley was the last to be bred, so nothing showed up on her ultrasound...
it's still a bit early.


now a veteran at all of this...

has twins (at least) on board.

Oh, how fun Spring will be when these three girls give birth.
There's nothing like new born kids on the farm!

PS....thanks to all of you for your well wishes with regards to my killer case of poison ivy.
I have catalogued all of your suggestions for further use.
This time, however, I have resorted to Prednisone....
which seems to be drying up the rash on my face at least.
Thanks for all of your remedies!!


  1. Congrats to the girls! I hope all goes well during their pregnancies.

    Hope you're feeling better and the Prednisone keeps working!

  2. Yeah!!! I will be looking forward to the videos of them prancing around.

  3. Glad to hear you are healing!
    I saw a blurb about pigs in Country Living and it said this pig loved to play with a basketball....hummmm, what do you think?

  4. How fun to have news ones arriving. Your past pics of the kids were adorable so I'm looking forward to more. I hope your morning is going great with all the farm chores!

  5. What fun to have babies in the spring!

  6. I was just online looking at the gestation period for a goat, as it seems WE have an UNEXPECTED pregnancy in my Boar goat. GEEEEZ!

  7. Oh how exciting cant wait for these babies to enter the farm world ! Glad to hear your getting better ! Have a wonderful day !

  8. Congratulations on the successful breeding..hope you're scratching less..hugs

  9. Congrats! I wish I had an ultrasound machine, but its a small fortune for the vet to come and check. So you never know until a month before when they start to fatten up.


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