Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Party Animals

Upon arrival to the barnyard yesterday morning,
I was treated to quite a surprise.

It seems that several of the animals were full of holiday cheer
and ready to party.

It was a fabulous party....with treats for one and all.
Of course I just had to take pictures to share with you.

Maryann was happy to wear the candy canes,

since Ginger had already chosen the mistletoe hat.
Anyone care to kiss the pig?

You may certainly join the celebration...
we have a few hats left!

Merry on!

Construction update:
Last week it occurred to me that we needed a horse weathervane on our arena.
However, I had not ordered one.
Since construction was almost wrapped up, I figured it was too late to add this,
so I resigned myself to live without a weathervane.

Low and behold, look what appeared on the center cupola....

It appears that our builder is one step ahead of me!

The outside is complete.
The gutters and downspouts are installed.
The water and electricity is finished.
As soon as the excavator finishes the footing,
we will be riding high and dry.
Now, that's something to celebrate!!


dr momi said...

All the party animals look cute, but, Maryann in her candycanes is just adorable!

Karen said...

Your guys look adorable in their holiday finery...

We just put a weathervane from our previous barn on our new little barn. Love them.

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

Good morning Bev! Woohoo...looks like the gang is getting into the holiday spirit ;) Your building is looking wonderful and the weather vane is the icing on the cake. I bet you and your sister in law can't wait to get riding in there...I'm excited and it's not even my building! Enjoy your day and don't forget to keep your eye on the 'pardy hardy' gang.
Maura :)

Country Gal said...

The arena looks great ! Oh my what cute photos of your Christmas farm animals ! Awesome post ! Have a great day !

Patrice said...

Our pigs would have eaten their hats!

Kim said...

What cute party hats!
Love that barn!

missy max said...

cute post..very festive...Congratulations to your builder..It takes a lot to be one step ahead of you...Looks great!!!

LovePetunia said...

I would gladly kiss Ginger!!!
:) Meghan

Jean Tuthill said...

Yopur party animals look great! The new arena is beautiful and the weathervane is just the right finishing touch for it. I hope your holidays are wonderful and that all your dreams come true!

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

The animals look charming in their Christmas finery. The arena is something to see. So big and beautiful.


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