Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Drizzly Days

A half hour's break in yesterday's drizzle was all it took
for the goats to venture out for their supper.

You see, our fainting goats are fair weather animals.
They seek shelter in their houses as soon as the weather looks ominous.
They lounge indoors all day munching on hay.

We used to provide room service, but have stopped doing that,
as they invariably drag their bowls to the very back of their houses....
requiring us to crawl on our hands and knees the next day to retrieve them.

As for the Dwarf Nigerian goats...

a little rain won't keep them from missing a meal,
but a shower - now that's a different matter.
The fact that they rarely miss a meal, 
might have contributed to their portly stature...

As for the rest of the animals...
the drizzle kept them in and around the barn.

Why is it that when you are trying to clean up manure...
suddenly everyone is interested in it?

Not to mention their snacking on it....
as if to imply that I'm not feeding them enough!
All of our animals are chubby.
What's up with that??


  1. Awesome photos ! maybe they are getting greedy cause they are fed to well and expect more lol. Its nice to see happy blump farm animals means they are well looked after un like some I have seen ! Have a wonderful day !

  2. It's hard to keep them from being chubby! Especially the minis.

  3. Taking such good care of all those chubby animals keeps you skinny....They all have their needs met, are loved, get lots of attention and live a happy life...

  4. Taking care of all those chubby animals keeps you skinny..They get lots of attention and know they are loved..Livin' the good life..

  5. They are getting ready to hibernate...they just want all the food they can get! My girls are eating twice as much now...and so am I...darn!
    As for you....just running around taking care of all those chunky kiddos, keeps you very thin! I'm working on that...out to see the girl three times yesterday! Ha! (I went to bed planning how many more to get!)

  6. I love the photos, especially the one of the last goats. What a huge guy! I love it.
    I think I need to start looking into getting a goat or two. They are so darling.


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