Monday, November 21, 2011

Countdown to Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving week!
Don't you just love this holiday?
Lots of family time...just spending time, eating, playing...
without the pressure of gifts and decorating!
It's maybe my most favorite holiday of all.

It is this time of year that we take our annual perimeter walk
around our land and post "No Trespassing" signs
to keep hunters off our land.
You might remember that last year at this time

I lost my camera in the woods while hiking the perimeter.

This year I was extra special careful while walking.

Hubbs and Amanda placed new signs around the property
and I hand carried my camera!

A little time spent with the piggies topped off our day.

They are becoming excellent grazers and really enjoy
their time out of doors.
The turkeys are very curious about them and graze right along side them.

Lucky turkeys....
it's good that they have no clue how many of their cousins
are going to be consumed in the upcoming week!

Donald and Sophia have recuperated nicely from last week's surgery.
It's back to life as usual.


  1. No, I wouldn't want hunters on our land either. We only have a bit over 3 acres, but we hear gunshots not far off and it's disturbing to have them so close.

  2. Piglet is cute. Your turkeys are pretty with those colors. Keep hanging on to your camera.

  3. Good Monday morning to you! Oh what a wonderful week it is going to be. Kids and grand kids galore! It is a good thing your turkeys don't know about there cousins! They lead a charmed life. Have a great week! June

  4. I agree..Thanksgiving is the best of Holidays...yummy food too...

  5. It will be a fun week...have a wonder full Thanksgiving!

    Love the piggie picture!

  6. Come next summer, get a kiddie pool for your piggies~they love 'em :)

  7. My the piggies are growing! Glad to hear Donald and Sophia have mended nicely. We too posted no hunting signs a few weeks ago, no longer do we allow hunting on our property, it just takes one person to ruin it for all. Years ago (not in my town) a young mother put on white mittens and was heading outside to hang laundry on the clothsline. A hunter saw her white mittens and assumed it was a dear's tail. Needless to say she was shot and killed, while her two young children slept inside. I have never forgotten that story. Hugs, Julie.

  8. Those turkeys looks so innocent & unaware. Lucky ducks to be spared, for now at least (will they one day be dinner, or no?). Piggies are cute, and growing! Wishing you a joyful holiday filled with love and laughter.

  9. I am on a little blog break but just had to pop in to see how things are going. Love your photos. Glad to hear the surgery's went well and all are doing good ! Thats good that you found your camera or did you ? We here in Canada had our Thanksgiving back in October I do like Thanksgiving as well ! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving !


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