Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor

Well, I sure hope you haven't had your fill of piggie pictures yet,
because I have a few for you today.

But first a word from our sponsor....

Those of you who have followed my blog for a while know that Ritz crackers
are the favored snack food of all the animals on the farm.
The goats love them and beg for them at every feeding time.
The chickens will jump in the air to grab one from our hands.
The dogs love them.
The horses love them.
Even Tyler loves them.
And don't tell anyone, 
but I have been known to grab a couple from the goat feed bin for myself.

Guess who else begs for Ritz?

Edith and the boys love their crackers, too.
Edith takes the cracker from my hand 

and then breaks it and shares it with the boys.

I am thinking that we may need to do some video of the animals enjoying their Ritz,
and have one of the kids musician friends write and sing a little jingle,
and then send it in to Nabisco.
Don't you think that would make a great commercial???

I haven't given the piggies any Ritz yet....I thought I would wait until they are full grown.
I hate giving junk food to babies!
(Oh yea, that's right, Tyler likes Ritz....
but only because the animals get them.)

The snow has just about all melted now,
thanks to two days of sun.
This has allowed me to take the piggies out to graze.
For now I keep them in an enclosure...
until they are big enough to stay in the pasture.

The dogs are enthralled with them.

And the piggies are thrilled to visit with the dogs.

These gals are quite vocal with the other animals and communicate with squeals and grunts...
sure wish I knew what they were saying.

Please let me know if you get tired of piggie pictures!!
Oh, and keep your eyes out for our Ritz Cracker commercial....
coming soon!!
Who knows, maybe Nabisco will donate some Ritz to the farm!


  1. Oh no...those piggies are so CUTE!
    Please keep us informed on a daily basis!!!

  2. Hi Beverly,
    Love the pigs they are so cute. Having trouble lately leaving comments, trying again, i have been reading your blog but cant seem to leave a comment. Happy Farming......Sheryl

  3. I want one , they are soo darn cute. I cant get enough of your animal photos I love them. I miss being on a hobby farm. Hey your animals arent the only ones that like ritz crackers , the last time Papa and I went camping a Raccoon got in the tent whilst we were sleeping and stole a box of ritz crackers and it had to be mine the cheese ones well we followed him out and there he was in the woods behind our tent smerking and chomping on my cheese ritz crackers ! Give the piggies a cuddle from me please. Have a wonderful day !

  4. I wonder if it's the butter or the salt perhaps that they love so much in the crackers... or maybe it's just cuz they're made by Nabisco!

  5. I don't get tired of seeing the farm animals. And, really, I think Ritz should come do a commercial on your farm :)

  6. Those piggies are cute, but I had to admit that I am a sucker for a cute goat.

  7. What a great idea for a commercial. I must go buy some Ritz. We buy Saltines for chicken and donkey treats, but I bet they'd also love some Ritz. Ah yes, the piggies. Never enough piggie photos!! I love the last photo where she's eye-to-eye with your Newfie.

  8. I will never get tired of piggie pictures or for that matter all of your animal pictures. Remember i am living on the farm with you through your pictures. This is the only way I will have my hobby farm for now. Keep the pictures rolling and I love my Ritz!

  9. Nabisco isn't going to be at all happy with your calling their crackers.."junk food"...Can't get too many piggie pictures...

  10. Bringing on the Ritz....

    So glad to see how everyone loves the new babies...I got such a kick out of that picture with everyone sitting around the cute!

    I won't ever tire of piggie pictures!

  11. I think the translation of Ginger & MaryAnn's grunts is...
    "We want a Ritz!"!

    I think I will need to buy Stock in the Nabisco's Ritz Cracker Division... just from your farm alone I will be a mini millionaire !lol!

  12. I think the translation of Ginger & MaryAnn's grunts is...
    "We want a Ritz!"!

    I think I will need to buy Stock in the Nabisco's Ritz Cracker Division... just from your farm alone I will be a mini millionaire !lol!

  13. Bev.. don't stop with the piggy pictures... they are the cutest little animals... I would like a couple but no one around this area sells them. darn.....
    keep the photos coming!

  14. What a great idea for a commercial! Make sure you get your 'cut' from Nabisco... even if it is a supply of Ritz crackers, lol!

    I could never tire of piggy pictures, or goat pictures, or dog pictures, or Leo pictures, or Tyler pictures... OK, you get the point!

    Have a great day!

  15. I LOVE that the other animals are so calmly interested in the piggies. I think they will all become great friends! Love your blog!!

  16. I will never get tired of the piggy pictures. When we got our pig sisters I was surprised at how vocal they are. They can talk up a storm. They can understand what you are saying too.

  17. It's true about the Ritz. I just shared a pack tonight with my pack. I'm just amazed at how curious all your animals are of the new fur children. Great pictures of them all checking each other out.

  18. Just like your other creatures I am interested in your piggies. I would love to add more creatures to the homestead but it is not happen so I am so happy to visit all your creatures. That would be cool to see your commercial. Meet Bev's creatures & feed them ritz crackers. I like the crackers too. Blessings!


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