Thursday, September 8, 2011

Between Showers

I just might be suffering from cabin fever.
I've cleaned and reorganized,
canned and baked.
Now what I need is a sunny day so I can get back outside
and take care of the garden and trim horses' hooves.
It must be cabin fever, because I am feeling an overwhelming desire to pull weeds!

Yesterday the rain gauge overflowed,
which means we have had 7 or 8 inches of rain in the past 5 days.

Late yesterday afternoon, the rain slowed down to just a drizzle,
so Hubbs and I took the pups for a walk.

They reminded me of the kids when they were young...
splashing in the puddles after a storm.

We've had to keep the horses out of the pasture for the past few days.
Luckily, our dry lots are large enough that they can still run around
if they choose to.

They give us that wistful look over the fence, however,
as though we were torturing them.

But, this is what the front pasture looks like right now...

(Can you tell that Oakley is part Lab?)

Amazingly, the water is bubbling up through the ground.

It seems that underground springs are filled to capacity,

with no where for the water to go but up.

The run off from higher ground is like a small river
along the side of the road...

feeding our pond.

(I can hardly believe that only a week ago, two ducks sat on nests in this gully.)

The pond has crested and is flowing swiftly over its banks.

Between showers everyone ventures out for a little fresh air.
Everyone, but the goats, that is....
they haven't ventured out in days!
The Marans have a blast feasting on worms that have left the soggy soil.

Henriette looks a little bedraggled!

Right behind Henriette and Fifi,
through the barn doors,
little Leo is toasty warm and dry in the hayloft.
He's even started to gain a little weight.
Thank goodness we found him before all theses rains came.
He'd be cold and wet and hungry out there all by himself!

Sadly (for us), yesterday was moving day for Tyler.
Tyler is our grandson, who came to live on the farm 15 months ago
when he was born.

He and his Mommy lived in our guest house until yesterday.

Now it is time for a new chapter in their lives.
They will be living in the city, close to Tyler's Daddy.
A new job, a new apartment....
a different life than here on the farm.

But don't worry, he will still visit us each week.
Tyler's adventures on the farm have only just begun!
Boy, it's going to be quiet around here, though!


  1. Oh I know just how much you'll miss the little guy. Thankfully he won't be too far away and you'll still get to see him every week.

  2. How can anyone move away from your farm? It's so wonderful !! Adopt me please!!
    Interesting guest house!! Want to see the front of it now!

  3. WOW did you ever get lots of rain !
    Hope little Tyler enjoys the city life at least he can still visit the farm and all the animals ! Love your farm photos. Have a wonderful day !

  4. What a lovely place your farm is rain and all. Love the photos of your wet girls. The rain continues here as well with promises of midday sun tomorrow. Sending greetings from Maine, Julie.

  5. Yes, sad day that Tyler is moving. I'm sure he will be back often. Love seeing the dogs enjoying there walk in the drizzle. Boy did you get rain!!I best be off for I am home from vacation and the daily routine begins.

  6. Oh, you will miss him so...but have given him a ton of wonderful memories...yes, he will remember, his great times at the farm. My two year old grandson sure does! Great that he will be back each week. How far is the city?

  7. Henriette is definitely having a bad feather day...Too funny..Little Leo looks great...Won't be "Little" much longer..I know you'll miss your daily visits with Tyler but now he'll have "special" visits to the farm.

  8. Um. If you'd like, you could send a bit of rain my way. I can only imagine how quiet it will be without the little one. Good thing he won't be so far away that he can't come and visit!

  9. I just shake my head at all the pictures people are posting of all this rain and water and a little further south we are in much need. Henriette looks like a rock star. Guess things will get back to somewhat of a "normal" life with little Tyler moving. But, you're right, his adventures have just begun.


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