Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What To Do With T. Donald?

Well of all the goat babies born this spring we are left with only one:
T. Donald.

We originally called him The Donald because of his white spot on the top of his head,
that looked like a major "comb over".
He has become T. Donald, or just Donald.

Donald is O'Malley's buckling, the first of our goat babies
to be born polled (without horns).
I am guessing this is why he did not sell.
Most people prefer that their bucks look more like this...

This is Donald's older brother Fred.

Now the question about Donald is this....
to castrate or not?

Since polled goats don't seem to sell as well,
there is no need to breed Donald.

We are very particular about our herd management,
and breeding is done very purposeful.

Our bucks are housed separately from our does, 
so no "oops" babies are created.

Dr. Becky had the idea that instead of castrating Donald,
she might do a vasectomy on him instead.
This would allow him to retain his male hormones
without being able to actually breed.

This way, we could use him to get our does ready for breeding.
So many times it is difficult to tell if the does are in heat.
If they are placed with a buck, and they are not in heat,
the buck gets a little rough with them.

So, instead, we would first place them into a yard with Donald.
Since he has no horns, he would not be so rough with the does.
Then once the doe is in heat, her chosen buck will be placed in with her
to complete the breeding process.
These lovely gentlemen are quite willing to oblige....




I will let you know how this procedure works when it is time.
As far as we know, a vasectomy has never been done on goats before...
at least there is no literature.
It should be so much easier on Donald than a castration would be.
And, he will continue to get big and handsome like the rest of the bucks...
minus the horns.


  1. I'm all for the vasectomy if it can be done. Poor fella. He's really charming looking with a really sweet face. We don't want him to miss out on all that breeding action and if he can just do his wee part, I think he would be a happy goat.

  2. Good luck, Donald! Kiss those babies goodbye. Hee hee.

  3. The vasectomy sounds like a great idea! I hope it can be done!

    T. Donald is very handsome! Even without horns! Who needs them when you're that handsome!

  4. I'm one that would like naturally polled! But, that's me. Great idea using Donald for teasing the does!

  5. Good morning Bev!
    Well this was very interesting...I'll be watching to see how things go. You've got some very handsome fellows there but I think my favorite is Smoochie...how could you not love a goat with a name like that ;) I hope your day is a good one.
    Maura :)

  6. I think a vasectomy would be better ya dont want to kill his male hood and he could be of use with your breeding stratagy !Make him feel important to the herd! They are all such lovely looking goats !

  7. If you breed a polled goat will the kids also be polled??? Or do you just not want to run the risk?? I vote for the vasectomy..

  8. I would love a polled goat. But I've read a couple of books that say a polled goat is usually infertile. I'll be awaiting the vasectomy results.

  9. I had a polled buck that bred fine, but I have read that polled goats tend to have more health problems, and I can believe that with the results I've seen with him. (He is no longer here.) I have a couple of wethers that were banded, and they do still show interest in the girls in heat. It's not as strong, but it does give an indication. Good luck with the vasectomy.


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