Thursday, August 18, 2011

Come Stroll With Me

Come stroll with me in the garden.
The sun has set and the air is moist and cool.

We've had just enough rain this past week for me to ignore the watering,
and still, it all is looking like a jungle.

The sunflowers are over 10 feet tall!

With their smiling faces seeking the sun's energy.

The zinnias are 4 feet tall
with blossoms opening daily.
I could cut a bouquet of flowers daily and not run out of blooms.

Don't they just make you smile?
If you don't have zinnias in your garden,
next year you should!
I promise you will love them too.

Look at my sweet potato vines!
Now, they really know how to think outside the box.
Oh, how excited I am for their harvest.
(I'll be sure to share that with you!)

We have tomatoes of all sizes, shapes,

and colors.

All colors and shapes of peppers...
most of them hot, hot, hot!!

Ooooooh, chee-wah-wah! These are HOT!

Be careful,
you never know when you might run into a wild beast in this jungle!
Here are a couple of wild jungle cats....

With fall right around the corner,
we are ready for pumpkin treats with several of these little cuties
ripe and ready.
Can't you just smell the pumpkin pies?

I can't believe my eyes....
we are still getting little asparagus shoots...
so sweet and tasty,
I eat them raw as soon as they appear.

A second planting of several plants...
like carrots
something new:
parsley root!
Have you ever heard of it?
I hadn't.
So, I just had to try it.
Supposedly, (and it isn't parsley at all) it grows a root like a parsnip
and can be used in soups and stews.
I'll let you know!

We never get enough broccoli,
so I have 12 more plants growing for fall harvest.

As well as lettuces, beets, cauliflower, and


I had better get busy and harvest these...
brussels sprouts.
Didn't you just hate brussels sprouts when you were a kid?
I sure did.
But now I love them.  

Remember how I wanted my garden fence to be covered in vines?
Well, it almost is....

Morning glories, and black eyed Susan vines....
with happy faces.

And one corner just covered in grapevines.

And an unbelievable amount of fruit!
Aren't these just lovely?
Sour grapes!
No, really....they are really sour.
Just give them a few more weeks, and then they will be yummy sweet!

What I have omitted are the weeds. prolific as all of the veggies and fruit are,
the weeds are even more.

The gloves are on and I am pulling.....
and pulling....
and pulling....
Would you like to come help me?
If we all worked together, we could weed this garden in no time.


  1. When we're finished with yours, we'll meet back here and do mine. It takes a full day I'm sure to tend to all you have to do.

  2. Oh, to have your wonderful vegetable garden. Weeds or no weeds the garden sure is bountiful. Enjoy your harvest, you've work so hard for it.

  3. Thanks for the tour. My garden has got our of hand. The weeds this year have exploded. Glad it hasn't effected the growth of my plants. I noticed that you removed quite a number of leaves on your tomatoe plants. Is there a reason for this?

  4. Fantastic-beautiful post!! Great start to my morning-thats going to be over 2 hrs on the interstate!!

  5. the grapes may be sour, but they sure add some nice color to the garden! :-)))

  6. If you lived a little closer, I'd love to help you in the garden. All I would ask in exchange is some time to hang out with your chickens. Especially Rod... :-)

  7. Wonderful tour , thanx your gardens are fantastic ! Have a wonderful day !

  8. still hate brussel sprouts or any form of cooked cabbage....Your garden is lovely and the result of a lot of hard work...

  9. I would die to pick weeds in a garden that is so prolific! Just for the opportunity to enjoy looking at each and every succulent beautiful veggie! Thanks for the tour and the FABULOUS photos!

  10. What an awesome crop you have!! Wow..your going to be busy for weeks to come getting ready for winter.(LOL..those peppers LOOK When the snow is blowing out there to think of all the lovely goodies you have ready without having to go off the property. Nice!!!
    Darn old weeds..I was weeding yesterday...nver ends does it!!!
    Wish you lived closer I would love to give you a hand.
    Enjoy the day..Judi

  11. Everything looks so good. I think I'm going to have to go check my wild grapes out in the pasture and see how they are doing.

  12. I'll help you if you help me with the weeds ;) Your garden looks wonderful and I can't believe the size of your sunflowers! I guess the heat that started right after our prolonged cool spring really did a number on the gardens here in Kansas. Our tomato plants are huge but we've hardly had any large tomatoes..just cherry tomatoes and really not many of those either. I'll just sit back and admire yours this year...hopefully next year I'll be complaining of a bumper crop!
    Maura :)


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