Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meet Guido.

(Guido Corleone)
Guido came to Bee Haven by way of Sicily.
He's the "Boss".....head of "the family."
(In other words, he is the farm mafia Godfather!)

He and his two brothers spend their days running all over the farm...

dominating the chickens and the turkeys.

They've been overheard saying...
"You want protection?  We can give you protection.
But protection ain't free.  You gonna have to pay for it."

"You don't wanna pay for protection?  Then you gonna pay
some other way.  We know where you live." 

When their not shaking down the other birds,
they spend their day patrolling their territory.
God forbid a stranger sets foot in their turf...
they send out an alarm that would scare anyone away.

I've come to the conclusion that what guineas lack in brains,
they make up for in brawn.

If you've ever had guineas, you know exactly what I mean!

You won't catch Rod getting in their way.
No sir, Rod keeps his girls safe and sound at the barn.

White faced black Spanish and silver duck wing phoenix hens...
a couple more of Rod's gals.

Our crazy birds are a constant source of entertainment.
And after reading this post, you may well have decided that I spend
too much time alone... or maybe too much time with the birds!


  1. Our neighbor had guineas for years. They would come through the woods to visit.. and every time there was something "new" in the hard, like a horse blanket slung over the fence or a new swingset...they would squawk and clatter around and yell at it until they had their fill. One fell in love with it's reflection in my horse trailer's hubcaps and would sit next to it's "Girlfriend" for hours.

    They are something else!

  2. Such a fun post because I spend "too much time" being amused by my chickens. I don't have guineas because I've heard they're just to dumb to keep very long. Sorry, Guido.

  3. But what great company they are...They're very lucky to have you too..

  4. You have gone to the dogs...opps birds!

  5. I've never had guineas, and I'm not sure I want to after this~I don't need any bullies around here. I must say, Guido is awfully pretty.

  6. LOL I loved it! Guido is quite the 'Don' of the farm. I'd love to have Guinea's and just let them roam the farm but I think our Shep who is used to supplementing his meals with pheasant and rabbit and turtles would probably not see them as farm critters. We have our little Shih Tzu Chelsea to thank for that as she was a negative influence on his farm training! Anyway...I love your commentary on the going's on at your's a great way to start the day ;). Have a wonderful day!
    Maura :)

  7. Oh my goodness, Guido is too cute!

    You have the best farm family - thanks to your amazing writing skills (still thinking you have a book-in-the-making, here on your blog... I just may continue to bug you until you agree to publish your work...sorry...), we get to enjoy them, too!

    Thank you!


  8. Loved It !!!! Wonderful wit ! I was in hog heaven when I saw that you were going to discuss the "birds" today, (sorry Mr. G). They all look great and well cared for. Thank you for brightening up my day ! You have the best blog --and I read a lot of farm blogs! Thank you for taking the time to share. I know that keeping a daily blog is time consuming. Thank you !!! Todd

  9. Hysterical! That close up actually frightened me a bit, lol!

  10. I say leave the guinea take the cannoli. Great post!


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