Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Harvesting Carrots and Squabbling Goats

I am so excited this year by our carrots.
If you remember, when I ordered seeds, I ordered
red and purple carrots.
These might just be my new favorite vegetable!

If you have grown carrots, then you know what a challenge harvesting them can be....
especially when the ground is rock hard from prolonged hot weather and
precious little rain.

You grab the greens and pull.


 The greens pull off the carrot leaving you nothing to grab ahold of.

Getting those topless carrots out of the ground poses a bit of a problem.
If you're not careful, the carrots break... leaving the tips still in the ground.
If you use a tool you risk scratching or gouging the carrot.

I have found that using the jet spray of the hose to blast 
the soil away from the carrot works really well.

If you wait a few seconds until the water seeps into the ground,
you can easily grab the top of the carrot 

and pull it to freedom.

Aren't they beautiful?

These carrots taste as good as they look!

I don't peel away any of the outside....
just spray with the jet stream of the hose to remove any soil,
and eat it just like that.

Last evening I pulled the spent cucumber vines and planted 
another batch of carrots to be harvested in October.
I am learning to get the most out of our growing season,
by planting my boxes twice.

Do you plant heirloom tomatoes?
I highly recommend it.
If you haven't tried them....plan on it next summer.
These German Strawberry Tomatoes are the tastiest, meatiest tomato yet!

With few seeds and juicy flesh, I'd rate them superior!

Yesterday I finished another project...
a directional sign for the corner by the garden.
Just in case you're ever lost...
You R Here!

The "flatlands" (see above picture)is what I refer to our closest metropolitan area 
(nestled in a large valley).
(We live in the foothills of the Blue Mountains.)
My daughter calls the Flatlands "civilization".
We're quite civilized here in the country, so I'll continue to call it the Flatlands.

Lastly, I thought I would give you a little update on T. Donald's move to Fred's pen.
Don't let this picture fool you....

Just a few hours before, they were going head to head
in a rather large altercation over who was going to sleep in the big house.

Two headaches, several faints, and one bloody scalp later it was decided.
"Ok, we'll both sleep in the tiny house together!"

Silly bucklings.
I guess it's the same with brothers of all species!

Well, I am off to harvest some more yummy vegetables.
Have a wonderful day, wherever you are.

PS.... We finally had some rain....4 good showers yesterday,
and things have cooled off a bit.
Thank goodness.... I was beginning to wilt!


  1. Your hard work has paid off because your carrots look delicious. I am not fortunate enough to have room for a vegetable garden so I go to lots of local farms and farmer's market. I would scoop your carrots up in seconds flat. Another thing I live for all year are fresh tomato sandwiches. Do you ever make gazpacho with your tomatoes, cukes and peppers? We usually top it of with a little goat cheese. Very yummy!!

  2. Your carrots look amazing! I've not tried the purple ones yet.
    I planted several varieties of heirloom tomato seeds, and then lost all the names! Oh well, I'm sure they will taste great.
    I love your sign. I think I will have to make one of those.

  3. Where there's a will...there's a way and you would be the one to find it...
    Glad there was only one bloody scalp...No fair..No horns!!!!

  4. Wow Bev, those carrots look wonderful. I have spotted those earlier this spring while gazing through Johnny's selected seed catalog and dreaming of a bountiful colorful garden. I have tried some heirloom beans this year. I plan to include heirloom tomatoes next spring. Love your sign. You have a beautiful place.

  5. Those goats and their squabbles just drive me crazy sometimes. They usually always end up sleeping together, but they just have to go through the fighting. The carrots look great!

  6. Great post about the farm and all, but we rarely see pictures of you. You look great and I love your glasses!!

  7. wonderful carrots!
    silly bucks!
    so glad you got rain!

  8. Love the color of the carrots... bet they are tasty too. I tried buying German Pink tomatoes for Hubby and he didn't care for them.. He's more of a Beefsteak Tomato kinda guy and I, unfortunately am not a tomato person. Sad... I know... SNIFF.

  9. The carrots are beautiful! I love the colors.

  10. I know you work hard - but one can tell how much fun you have on your farm!! Love your sign and can't wait to see inside your little cottage!!

  11. Love the tip on getting the carrots out of the ground. I love the bucky boys. I hope they will learn to cope and get along. The directional sign is great. Debi


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