Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's Growing On

I want to thank all of you for your concern over the Edith situation.
Order is restored and the threesome are back to their usual routine...

following me around the farm.

This stretch of hot and sunny weather following a very wet spring has
helped the fruit trees, vines, and bushes to burst forth.

The blueberry bushes are netted to protect the ripening fruit.

You see, the trouble with sharing with the birds is this...
the birds just don't know when to stop!
So, nets keep them away from our precious fruit.

The apple trees are loaded with tiny apple-ettes.

And the grape arbor has filled in with quite a bit of foliage.

Amidst the vines and leaves are thousands of teeny tiny grape-ettes!

I am hopeful that the kiwi plants from last year flower and bear fruit.
But since I have no prior experience with these,
I am not sure what to expect.

The strawberries are ripening.
I've been able to pick a quart each day for the last several.
In about a week there will be more berries than I'll know what to do with.

For now, though, we are enjoying strawberries on icecream, in our salads,
and in strawberry rhubarb sauce
(which, I might add, makes one delicious sundae!)

Lastly, I thought I would introduce you to an herb
(this is what I will send you, Anke)
that is great to have in your garden for the purpose of reducing unwanted
pests such as aphids, etc.

In the back of this box (TomTom being in the front) I have planted
fern leafed Tansy.

Tansy is a non-edible herb with delicate, lacy leaves that blooms with yellow blossoms.

It attracts garden pests such as aphids,
and can help to keep those insects from attacking your precious veggies.

I warn you though, a little bit goes a long way...
this herb has a tendency to try to take over your garden.
Keep it contained, or your garden will turn into a tansy patch!

And lastly....
my faithful buddy...
Every story that I tell you is witnessed by this old gal,
as she is always by my side.

She may be the smallest of our dogs,
but she has the biggest heart.
She is almost 16 years old and still fancies herself a puppy.
Running, just as I imagine she did in her younger years,
to catch up...always ready for the next fun activity.
She is now blind in one eye, with the second soon to follow.
She is not as limber as she once was,
but nothing gets her down.
She is always ready to plant a kiss on your cheek when picked up.

I think she loves her present life....sadly she has only lived with us on the farm
for the past year.
I pray she has a few more years to share with us.
Among other lessons, she has taught me that even as our bodies begin to fail us,
our hearts and minds can stay young, vibrant and enthusiastic.


  1. If your growing Kiwi Fruit, Blueberries and Strawberries, you should also grow Passionfruit. Then with your lovely farm fresh eggs, you could make a lovely Pavlova!

    yum,yum! And then run around the farm burning it off!

    Susan - Sydney, Australia

  2. Your crops seem to be doing well! That's great! Our garden did not fair so well this year for some reason. We are getting tomatoes and cucumbers right now and a few green beans. Hopefully the corn will turn out OK. It's tough to grow crops in sand!

    I will have to check into some Tansy. Thanks for the tip!

    Hickory is adorable! I'm sure he's loving life now!

  3. Toss some of those strawberries in the blender with ice cream and milk.. They make AWESOME strawberry shakes in the summertime!


  4. Hi Bev.
    I have a question about the fern. Does it attract pests that are already in the garden or would it attract pests that might not otherwise be there?
    Thanks so much!

  5. Mmmm yummy strawberries..They look wonderful..Nothing better than homegrown strawberries and tomatoes. Sweet Hickory..I'm glad his life is ending better than it atarted...He's a cutie...

  6. So fun to see what's coming on at your farm. We will be home from our trip on Saturday, and I can't wait to see what's happening.

    So glad to hear about your turkey-girl. What have you decided to do about the eggs?

  7. Your garden is gorgeous Bev! Makes me wish we had more space to garden in... Thank you also for sharing the Tansy with me! I have a smallish empty bed that would be perfect for it.
    Hickory is such a sweet little dog and I am so happy she get to live out her life on the farm with you guys.

  8. Oh my, planting tansy!!! My State would pile a big fine on me for planting a weed that is on the list of noxious and must be removed on your property. But look at those precious eyes. I would welcome warm kisses from that one! Have a great day!

  9. Sorry that it is so hot there. Love your blog today as I do every day.

  10. Hickory is soooo adorable. You can tell she loves being on the farm with all of her family!

  11. You have so much growing on around you. I must say, you have me looking forward to my strawberries ripening. I love the way the tansy looks. It would be a very pretty way to get some natural bug control. Hickory certainly does look like she's very happy with her current living situation. Very lucky for her that you found her.


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