Monday, June 6, 2011

Tiny Miracles

Early this weekend during AM chores, I headed to the pond to put feed out for the ducks.

Upon entering the duck hut, I saw Mrs. Duckles on her nest.
She was hissing at me.

I looked a bit closer....

she wasn't alone,
no, there were several just hatched ducklings there in the corner with her.

"How many?", I wondered.

Hard to count, but looked like quite a few.

On my next visit to the pond, she was leading her little brood down to the water's edge.

Looks like six ducklings...

Then later that same day
there were more...
and more....

18 new baby ducks had hatched to old Mrs. Duckles.

And what a good Mama she is.
She taught them to swim.

She taught them to get out of the pond...
at the steepest bank she could find.

I had to video their first try.
(Oh, how I wish I could pick up each one and snuzzle it!)
I am in love!

So many attempts....
halfway out, and then falling back into the pond....

Awwwwwww, so very cute.
The next lesson was how to forage for food...
grass, bugs....
a lesson in survival.

Later in the weekend, 18 ducks remained.
They had made it through a couple of nights.

So, in one day's time we doubled the size of our duck population.
I can't tell you how excited Hubbs and I have been to watch these tiny ducklings
and their Mama.
They scurry all over the pond, following their Mama everywhere...
little tiny miraculous balls of fluff.

They won't allow us to get to close, and I suppose this is a good thing.
A wariness about other creatures may help them to survive better
in our pond at the edge of the woods.

What an amazing miracle life is.
And we are so very fortunate to witness this throughout the year.
Life on the farm.....full of tiny miracles!


  1. Wow 18 ducks! Amazing. Congrats!

  2. Ducklings are the BEST. It is amazing how quick they learn, I am always amazed that the things they know/learn. Now you realyy won't get chores done!! Keep us posted and look out how fast they will grow!

  3. Yes, I agree with you. Life is a miracle. I want to congratulate Ms. Duckels. Keep us updated with their progress. We don't have a pond so no ducks. They really need a pond to be ducks. Thanks.

  4. They are so cute! That is quite a lot of babies she has. I love the cayuga ducks. They have so many beautiful iridescent colors in them.

  5. Loved this post, they are adorable. I'd love to have ducks but don't feel a kiddie pool does them justice. No pond here on our farm :-(

  6. cute...what little miracles they are! Loved watching them on the bank...some are so smart, trying a different way...I am so happy for you!

  7. So sweet! I almost cheered out loud when they all made it up the bank!

  8. How Cute, the miracle of life. I think I could sit and watch then and get nothing else done. Keep us posted as they grow.

  9. Congratulations..What first when you said there were only 6..I thought "not very many"..So cute to watch..They are born swimming ( mine are ) and they seem to go through anything to be with their Mom.. Enjoy..

  10. Wow! 18 duckling! She is a great Mama! I was cheering the young'uns one as they attempted to scamper up the bank!

    God sure knew what He was doing during Creation! Animal instinct is amazing and beautiful to watch! I'm so glad you get to witness some of it on your farm and appreciate it!

  11. cute-oh so adorable. Congratulations on your new flock. 18 new lives-18 new adventures at Bee Haven.

  12. Way to go Mrs. Duckles! 18 ducklings! She sure sounds like a good momma.

  13. That last picture is priceless!

  14. Oh Bev, those little ducks are just so cute. I bet you are spending a lot of time duck watching right now. :-) I also wanted to say thank you for the tansy plant you sent. It arrived here today and I already found a spot in the garden for it. I will have to read up on the plant later on, as I know very little about it. Thank you again, I appreciate you sending it to me very, very much.

  15. Wonderful surprise..18 fuzzy little ducklings is a lot..but sounds like she did a great job of teaching them to survive...
    When I got home today I discovered that while I was gone 4 ducks arrived on our little farm.. They are full grown so not sure where they came from or if theyw ill stay. but the neices have a baby pool all set up for them swim in and they were in it several time this eveing.. Our Baby Chicks are getting a new hen house built inside the barn so when they are a few weeks older they will have a safe place to stay at night...Theya re growing like weeds..


  16. Congratulations! They are just the sweetest little critters. One day we'll get our goats and ducks but for now we have to concentrate on cleaning up this old farm. There's a house to finish painting...fences to fix gardens to work on and goodness knows how many other things to do around here. Maybe next year. Thanks for showing us the video...I wanted to run over there and help those sweet little fluff balls! Have a great day.
    Maura :)


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