Monday, June 13, 2011

Guess who's turning one this week?

You guessed it.... grandbaby Tyler, who has spent his first
year of life here on Bee Haven Acres is going to be one.

Where has this year gone?
Has it gone as fast for you as it has for me?
It seems like just yesterday that I was in the delivery room,
coaching his Mama as she pushed and pushed and pushed!

Now our little man is taking his first steps,
speaking fluently in his own language,
(not necessarily English!)
and constantly entertaining us with his amazing sense of humor.

We are planning a big farm party in his honor this weekend.
It looks like a piece of cake is in this little guy's future!

Another happening planned for this week is the building of a platform in the woods.
On this platform, a walled tent will be erected.

Overnight getaways and rustic camping trips will be planned for this structure.
The kids are excited to plan camping events.
If you ever plan to visit us, you might want to stay here, too!!

Hopefully Mr. Bear doesn't take a liking to this "home away from home"
in the woods!
Yes, we have had many more visits from our neighborhood black bear.
A week ago, he decided to investigate our garage. that is truly a bit too close for my liking!


  1. OMGosh, how many visitors are going to try the tent when you talk bears!!! lol That's one way to keep it all to yourself!

  2. BTW... cutest little man around! Look at those chubby little adorable!

  3. Happy Birthday Tyler, enjoy his party & him!!

  4. Yes... a bear in the garage would be way closer than I would like to have one. No bears in our neighborhood reported yet this year. Whew!


  5. Good Morning Bev!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your little Grandson! This is such a fun time when they're this age...can't wait to see your photo's of the big day. LOVE LOVE LOVE the tent you're planning on erecting..what a great place to hang out with family and will be like you're on a camping trip only close to home! When I lived in British Columbia we had bears visit so many times especially in the fall. When the fruit trees were close to ripening they would start coming around every night to check the ripeness and knew exactly when the the fruit was ready. You had to move fast to get it off the trees before they'd start breaking limbs to get to the high stuff! I can't wait to see your tent....and good luck with the bear! Have a wonderful day.
    Maura :)

  6. What a sweet guy! He's lucky to be growing up on your very cool farm!

  7. I agree, time is flying fast and faster! I would love to figure out how to slow this wagon down. But since I can't I planned to enjoy each and every moment. And grandkids sure help with the enjoyment. Your little Tyler is so adorable and can't wait for the cake pictures!

  8. Tyler is a lucky little guy. And I love the platform/tent idea. I'm showing to my darlin' in hopes he will build something like that in our woods.

  9. Happy Birthday Tyler...Maybe you should feed the bear somewhere down the street....

  10. I think the bear just might move into that! And this little guy...what a cutie-patutie he the hat! ;D

  11. Happy Birthday, Tyler! I love the way that tent looks~a lot of fun!

  12. Happy 1st Birthday Tyler! He's adorable!

    Love the tent idea! Can't wait to see pics when it's done!

  13. I like the tent, but not the bear. The garage is too close for comfort. Congratulations to Tyler on his first birthday. He is growing up so fast. If is fun to see the changes both in Tyler and on your farm,when reading your blog.

  14. Oh my word! I can not believe he is 1yr old....where did the year go?
    Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy.....
    Everything looks awesome on the farm,,, I haven't even begun anything in my garden,,,we still have only gotten into the high
    70's a couple of times,,,on average it is about upper 60's,,, uugghh! and today it rained 3 times... Where O where is Summer? it sure isn't here in Spokane!


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