Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Still Weeding After All These Weeks!

I have been spending the last couple of weeks getting the gardens in shape
in anticipation of an "Open Farm" day we are having this Saturday.
We have invited Hubbs' co-workers for a day of picnicking, farm tours,
hay rides, fishing, etc...
just in case you were wondering why I have been painting and weeding
and planting like a mad woman.

I spent a little time in the garden yesterday...
more weeding...
more planting.

I have all but finished the vegetable garden
and am working on containers of flowers
and finishing up the flowering vines around the perimeter.
I am so happy with how it looks!

Yesterday I picked up an Ebay auction find...
a pair of 1950's metal lawn chairs.
I will be sanding and painting these to match the rest of the garden
sometime later this week.

While I was planting, TomTom climbed the garden fence
and parked himself on the bluebird house.
See the smug look on his face?

He was just sticking his little paw inside...
looking for tasty sparrow babies.
I suppose turn about is fair play in this case.
Sparrows move into bluebird houses and kill the baby bluebirds
while evicting the bluebird family.

Can you believe that I actually call this little boy
"Bad Sammy"....
he is so angelic, isn't he?

Don't let this act fool you.
He just returned from several hours of hunting in the woods.
He is what you would call "dog tired"!

On a sadder note,
it seems we have had an attack at the duck pond.
I found Mrs. Waddles limping this morning,
and wounded on her back.

She lost a bit of feathers and skin,
but all in all, I think she will heal just fine.

Mrs. Duckles remains on her nest...

in the safety of the duck hut.
Hopefully she will see these eggs through to hatching.
It would be such fun to have ducklings on the pond this summer.

And last but not least....
a sampling of yesterday's garden harvest...

Not pictured is more rhubarb and some fresh young lettuce.
In answer to a question about yesterday's rhubarb sauce....
I cooked down chunks of rhubarb and chunks of apple to make an apple rhubarb sauce.
(The rhubarb was beneath the apples in that picture.)
Yesterday I cooked more rhubarb with a couple of pears to make pear rhubarb sauce.
Oh, it's so good to be eating from the garden once again!


  1. Nature , as lovely as it can be, is also capable of being very cruel..

  2. Love that Sammy... how great a shot is that. And Tom Tom is soooo naughty!


  3. Your 'show' will be a big hit! I bet there isn't a weed left when you get through! Enjoy the day!

  4. Weeding is one of those jobs that always has to be done. Everything looks nice and neat when it is accomplished. Sorry to hear that the duck was the vic of an attack. Hope you all have a wonderful Farm Day.

  5. Everything is looking great, and I'm sure everyone will appreciate your efforts to make the farm beautiful and share it with everyone. I hope your little duck recovers.

  6. Everything is looking great, and I'm sure everyone will appreciate your efforts to make the farm beautiful and share it with everyone. I hope your little duck recovers.

  7. Poor duckie. I sure hate to see them hurt. One of my cats yanked the tail feathers out of one of my chickens with his teeth. The chicken has healed since. The cat is now leaving he chicken alone. All of your hard work is paying off. Wonderful bounty of fresh veggies. Your guests will love your farm. I know I like to visit & keep up with the happenings. Blessings!


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