Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hummers And Bears, Oh My!

They're back!
After an arduous flight across the Caribbean,
our sweet little friends, the ruby throated hummingbirds
have arrived at Bee Haven Acres...
at least the males have arrived.
The females should be returning soon.

I have re-hung all of our hummingbird feeders
filled with a 4:1 sugar/water syrup.
I make my own sugar water, 
rather than buying the hummingbird nectar.
I read that the red food coloring in the nectar is unnecessary, 
and not that good for them anyways.
I ask red dye good for anyone?

Other news around the farm.... on the subject of our visiting black bear....

We have had several more nighttime visits from our friendly neighborhood
black bear.  He makes his nightly rounds across our front porch,
awakening Sam and Oakley.
Their growls then awaken us.
Upon turning on our front deck lights, 
we see him then lumber across the front deck and down the driveway.

Our neighbors contacted the Game Commission
and had a trap placed at their house.
It will hopefully catch the bear inside
so that he can be relocated to another place.

I hope to have pictures of this big fellow to share with you
in the very near future!


  1. Great pics of the hummers, Bev. I can't believe you have a neighborhood bear!

  2. We haven't had any bears in our neighborhood this year... only one last year. BUT, there is a nighttime camera on Tinker Mountain and bears have been seen there this spring already. Just have to keep the garbage cans inside!


  3. What you are not awake enough in the middle of the night with your camera on the night stand? LOL Have a good day.

  4. Great pictures of the hummingbirds. They are so cute. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about bears.

  5. On one of our camping trips, the park ranger told us that they would catch and relocate the bears, only for the bears to come back. He said that the bears that they catch always find their way back to the park.

  6. OK..ya beat me to the hummingbird...I've had feeders out for 2 weeks because my neighbors saw one..I haven't seen one yet...The nectar that comes with the feeders was turned down by my hummers last year so I too, make my own....I hope they catch your bear...Do you think he's all alone???

  7. Great photos of the hummingbirds! Thanks for the tip, I'm hoping to attract some this year.

  8. Your hummer photos are just unbelievable! Perfect! Now if you catch one of the bear...I will think you are totally amazing...well, I really think that already! lol

  9. Good Morning Bev,
    I'm having fun catching up on your posts. We've been so busy around here trying to keep everything from drying out and then started another big project that I've gotten behind in my blog reading. I miss 'Hummers' and I have to admit I miss having bears around. We get the odd Hummingbird here in Kansas but no bears I'm afraid. When I lived in British Columbia we used to get black bears in the spring and fall and I must admit it was an exciting time seeing them so close to the house and sometimes like you...on the porch. I hope they behave themselves for you...they're certainly exciting to see. Take care.
    Maura :)


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