Thursday, May 26, 2011

Garden Tour

I have to say....
my garden is my favorite space these days.

All of the hours of hard work are paying off.
Everything is growing
(except the weeds!)

So, as promised, I made you a walking tour video of the garden area.
Please excuse me....
it is a very amateur video.

I  am sure that I speak much better than it appears...
I don't think I actually have that many pregnant pauses
in my normal speech.

without rehearsal,
without editing...
you get....
just plain old me...
and my garden.

(I forgot to mention that the garden boxes which are planted with edibles
were built from cedar.)

I have so much more to show you...
I promise to work on my technique a bit before then.


  1. Bev, I think you did a great job with your video! I love to see other people's vegetable gardens. Your raised beds look like they are very easy to tend. As I get older I think I would like that. We put in raised beds, but they are only 8 or 10 inches high.
    We got our first ripe strawberry yesterday! Yeah! Can't wait to see more of your farm.

  2. Love the garden tour this morning with my cup of coffee. It has started my day off with hope for my garden. Please tell the rain to go away!

  3. You have a beautiful place.

    I grow many of my vine veg up also. I always grew my cucumbers much easier to pick and cleaner too.

  4. You were PERFECT on this your very first video of the garden and surrounding area. Can't wait to see more! Just have fun with it and never worry about being judged on your video skills. WE all love ya here in Bloggyland! Great garden by the way.


  5. Hey you did a great job!!! loved the video. Your garden looks great. Can't wait to see it overflowing with goodies.
    The turkeys are a riot. I sure miss our Miss Waddle...they have such personalities the more time you spend with
    Everything looks amazing!! What a lot of work you have put into your space..very inspriing.
    Enjoy..and I know you will..Judi

  6. You have an amazing place with a lot of hard work gone into it! Come say hi :D

  7. WOW...A lot has been done in just 3 days. You are too amazing and anything but "plain old you"..You accomplish a lot in a short amount of time...and you do it well..Congratulations...your garden is beautiful..

  8. I'm a newbie and just found you,, love the old plow and that is on ebeautiful iris,,

  9. Loved the video and you did a great job. You need to give yourself more credit.

  10. Absolutely beautiful and all of the love and attention you put into your house, farm, animals and garden comes shining through!!

  11. Bev, you did a wonderful job of showing us your garden and surrounding areas. It is so beautiful! I can only imagine the hours of hard work that has gone into making it look so beautiful! I love the play house and garden shed too.Thanks for sharing.


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