Monday, April 4, 2011

New Life

I would love to be telling you that O'Malley had her babies....
that this is the "new life" to which I am referring.
"Sadly," says O'Malley, "No."

Our red gal gave us a false alarm on Sunday.
We caught her pawing at the ground,
doing her best Lamaze breathing...
"he, he, he, he, he, whoooo, whoooo, whoooo....
[cleansing breath]

[Mucous plug expelled.]

Then she headed over to her food dish, had her fill,
 and settled in for a nap in the goat fort.

False alarm. won't be long now.
More babies!!

So, what I actually was going to show you was
the new life that I found in my salad table.

I  had covered the box with clear plastic to act like a greenhouse.
We've had a lot of cold weather these last couple of weeks.
Naturally, every task is done with "helpers".

Look, what is peeking out from under the plastic.

Tiny, baby spinach plants.
And so the gardening begins.
The cycle of life continues.
The cold winter's sleep is lifted, the ground is renewed...
and new life emerges.

Pretty miraculous, when you think about it!

Baby goat update....
All four of our goats that were born these past two weeks
are spoken for.
They all have new homes to go to in about 8 weeks.

For now, though, they stay with us and get lots of loving
from us and the kids....

Keep your fingers crossed....
and maybe tomorrow I will have more babies to share with you!


Karen said...

It's been cold here too.. frustrating! We spent a part of yesterday planting oregano, parsley and basil seeds - but it seems so darn cold, I don't know if they'll take.

Those baby goats are so adorable.. the blue eyes are incredible!

Deb said...

OMG - baby goats are a close runner-up to baby kittens in the cute factor. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

kpaints said...

Little baby....spinach...wonderful. Wish it was warm enough here. I tried to hang my clothes on the line yesterday and it hailed on them!

Ms. Bake-it said...

Too cute! They are definitely going to be very well socialized!

~ Tracy

missy max said...

They'll come when they're readyI guess....I'll bet she's ready...


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