Monday, April 11, 2011

Growing Like Weeds

Wanna take a walk with me?
You have to put on a pair of chicken boots!

I just love these boots.
They were my birthday present from Dr. Becky.
She calls me the Crazy Chicken Lady.
You don't really think I am a crazy chicken lady, do you?

Well, down the driveway a piece is our oldest chicken house.
The chicken yard to the rear of it was squashed by a fallen tree
after one of this past winter's ice storms.
So, Hubbs built me a new chicken yard...
just finished yesterday.

Sometime this week I will move my new chicks into this house
equipped with an infra red light to keep them warm.
Here they will have lots of room to move around.
More room is needed as you can see they have doubled in size
in just a week.

I know of no other animal that grows as rapidly as chicks do.
Henry and Fifi are quite excited about the move 
from the barn to the "French Quarter."

That's what I have named the old chicken house (with the new yard),
since it will be housing my Cuckoo Marans.

The French Quarter is located right next to the Roos bachelor pad...
so the next few weeks should be quite interesting.
I am quite curious what the Roos reaction will be to their 
new French neighbors.
I can just hear it now...

"Voulez vous couchez avec moi?"
"Se sois?"

(I know what you're thinking....
"Yes, she really is the crazy chicken lady!"


  1. LOL... I'm amazed at the growth in those chicks already! I might have to re-think my brooder.

  2. I loved the chicken lady! She was the best skit in Kids in the Hall.

    I love the boots.


  3. LOL now I'm forever going to see you in a different light Bev ;) Ooo lala sounds like pretty posh quarters for your young they enjoy being over there and I bet the boys like it too! Hope your weekend was a good one and have a great week!
    Maura :)

  4. Your chicken house is very nice. And I love the boots! We were hoping for some Cuckoo Morans in the batch of "rainbow layers" we got from Murrey McMurrey last year. But unless they haven't started laying yet, we don't have any chocolate eggs. (I haven't been able to identify most of the chickens!)

  5. The new chicken yard looks great!

  6. If there was ever any we can be sure..You are "the crazy chicken lady"!! Boots are very cute..wish I had seen them first

  7. Love your boots! I got a similar pair from my daughter for Christmas and even though I am already using them....I know where they are going to be seen in the furture!!! Karen's Koop! Tracy will be shocked when I tell her that she gave me the chicken boots so I had to have a coop. (She thinks I am crazy too!)

  8. Love the chicken boots, and the little chicks are so adorable.

  9. This made me laugh because my kids call me that...I just need those boots, love them! Nice place for the chickens too. ;D

  10. French chickens. Hahaha. I think Dr. Becky might be right! Love the chicken boots!

  11. Okay, I GOTTA have those boots! Where can I find some? I need to start googling now. We have a batch of straight run Black Copper Maran chicks. I am hoping for a few hens out of the 10 we got but my mom thinks we have at least 6 roosters so far. (she is housing them at the moment)

  12. Love the boots. You should see the selections they have for us, black, or green... Maybe if you're lucky you can find a pair of raincoat yellow ones. I am considering ordering some Wellingtons which actually have other colors, but gee they're pricey... I've looked for size 12 women's that wouldn't get me shot for wearing them, and they are even more rare than colored boots for guys. Oh well, I'm sure the chickens won't mind.


  13. Cute boots I have purple boots. Perfect for roaming around with the creatures. My chicks haven grown much faster that I would have guessed. I like your little black chicks. I need to add a black one to the flock. Your chicken house is nice. I am working on getting mine stained & the run. Blessings!

  14. I've been called crazy goat lady, so I understand crazy chicken lady. Love the new French Quarter!

  15. I love the boots! It's hard not to be crazy about chickens. I love to hear the cackle after one of the girls lays an egg.

  16. I have the same boots! I love them!


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