Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Finally, the Sun!

Today's post is short and sweet....
a moment in the day worth remembering.

Yesterday marked the beginning of a bit of blue sky, sunny weather.
Believe me, we are excited by this...
it seems like we have had weeks and weeks of grey skies.

We sat and visited with the goats for a little...
who are starting to shed out their winter coats!
A very good sign!!!

I often wonder what Tyler thinks as he watches
the animals around the farm.

It won't be long until he can get down and toddle around 
with them.
(Note to self: "Don't blink.")
It all happens so quickly.


Ginny said...

Love that little face. Enjoy the sun!

Junebug said...

Boy, are your correct on the don't blink! My youngest grandchild of seven is 4 now. I so wonder where the time has gone. But each step in their lives is so precious.

missy max said...

Tyler is getting very mature looking..It happens too fast..

Mallory said...

My goodness is he cute!!! He will definitely have so much fun on your farm while growing up! Lucky boy :)

kpaints said...

You are so right about that! I swear they change daily!!! he sure is going to have a great time around there this Spring and Summer!

Teresa said...

We had a beautiful blue sky today, but it was still cold. I hope you get a good break in your weather soon.


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