Thursday, February 10, 2011

Things We've Learned Along The Way

There is a bit of a learning curve involved in having a farm.
You learn much along the way.
Things like.....

Don't plant trees too close to horse pastures.
Otherwise, this happens....

This is another of Becky's horses.
(Becky is my sister in law, and shares our farm.)
Fagner is an American Hanoverian and used to be
Becky's eventing horse.
He is retired now and enjoys munching on trees!

If you have horses and are planning to plant trees,
be aware that there are several species of trees
that are toxic to horses...
but then, you most likely already knew that.

We were very careful when we planted ours...
and only planted ones that were non toxic,
and ones that taste good!!


  1. Fagner is a handsome boy.

    I believe red maple, cherry, and black walnut, are the worst for horses? Oak acorns cause problems too. I was taught in 4h as a kid that the toxins in black walnut sawdust that is used in bedding can be absorbed through the horses feet and cause founder.
    Heather in PA

  2. Yes to the red maple and black walnut - and we learned too by trial and error. I'm about to start a chicken coop, something I've never done before, but it doesn't look too complicated and I'm following everyone's advice. Hopefully not much error :-)

  3. We are fortunate in not having any trees in our pasture area to worry about. We did have a tragic situation with one of our Clyde's very ill. We worried that some weed in his hay had caused the problem..I was all over the internet checking!! Even checked out Possum fever!! In the end we found he had had a stroke. It was so very sad and we had to say goodbye. Some hard times do visit the farm.
    On that note..any word on Scarlet? Did you get any answers as to what should be done?
    Wonderful pictures of Becky's horse and I am sure enjoying retirement.

  4. These photos are way too cute!!! It just made my morning!!!!
    We have two miniatures, but they are almost the size of a pony ~ Inbetween and they are hilarious even though they are no longer babies. I'd love to see a list of trees you have found are fast growing and safe for horses. We are in Ohio and our horses would LOVE some shade, but even while researching trees, I have been too afraid of planting one that could be toxic.

  5. First visit. Wow! I never knew trees were toxic. Thanks for info.
    yvonne drop over.

  6. Lucky is a virtual smorgasbord

  7. What a pretty, hungry boy! Wish I had a horse to worry about!


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