Friday, January 7, 2011

Bucks and Ducks

Yesterday was "road trip" day.
Dr. Becky and I headed out into the countryside to look at a couple
of bucklings.  Red haired, blue eyed bucklings that may be candidates for
addition to our breeding stock.

Oh, what adorable little bucklings!
 How to chose????

There were two brothers who were predominately red and white.

This one was our favorite.

He has great markings a great red color.

But then, there were these two fellows.
And the one on the left captured our hearts.

Although he is not as red,

his parents were both small and his mother has long hair...
a trait that none of our current breeding stock possess.

If only the decision was between those two.
No, we had to further complicate the matter by considering
this handsome yearling.
For now, he's called Shakespeare
(perhaps because of his beard).
He is a moon-spotted reddish/tan and white buck...
quite a handsome chap, I think.

Unfortunately, at the present time, we only have housing
for one more buck.
We could, of course, fence off another goat yard and add
some more houses...
(something I promised Hubbs we would be done with for a while!)

What to do???  What to do????

While we were pondering which goat we liked the best,
Dr. Becky castrated Shakespeare's friend...
Here he is under anesthesia....

If you are interested in viewing a rather graphic video of the procedure,

[I am posting this only for educational purposes...
not many ever get to see this done.
(Be warned...I mean seriously graphic,ok?)
(bloody, gorey......yucky stuff, ok?)
(Don't let curiosity get you if you might be offended, ok?)
OK, you have been warned.]

you can watch it HERE.... 
(but no complaining about how graphic it is)

He tolerated the procedure well...  

And will spend his convalescence in a dog kennel with a kitty nurse.

I do believe that the title of this post included "Ducks", however.

Well, there were these 4 ducks in a pen,
on that same farm, that need a home.

And what better home than the Bee Haven Acres pond
with Methuselah and his 17 buddies!
Yes, these four ducks will be coming to the farm when we 
go to pick up our new buck(s).

(Stay tuned for further updates to this story.)


  1. How are you ever going to choose just one? They are all so adorable! Yeah for more ducks, they'll love it at your place!

  2. I watched the video and I was surprised at the lack of bleeding. No problems with infection when left open? Very interesting video.

  3. There is actually a higher rate of infection if the wound is closed. Becky gives them penicillin before the surgery and pain medication, they always do great.

  4. I was thinking the very same thing that Kelly was.
    Please ask Dr. Becky why she uses the drill to twist? She ends up cutting it off anyway.

    As for your new buck---hard decision! If you're really wanting a true red, you couldn't pick the cutie with the long-haired momma could you (since she's b/w)?
    Shakespeare is very handsome, but is he friendly? Kids are just soooooo cute. I don't envy you the decision.

  5. Good luck with the ducks and goatie choices. They are all so cute.

  6. Cee Cee....that was actually not how it usually happens. Usually, the drill spins the spermatic cord until the testicle pops off clean....and there is no is like being cauterized without the heat. The twisting seals off all the vessels.

  7. good video..tough decision..It will be interesting to see how many creatures you bring home..I'm betting on at least 3 not counting the ducks...:)

  8. Hi Beverly! I've been reading your blog for quite some time and thought I would finally introduce myself.

    Excellent post and thanks for sharing that video. Dr. Becky sure is good at her job. Confident and quick! What is the blue we see in his recovery photos? Blue Kote?

    I'm really fond of the yearling, he's beautiful. It sure will be a difficult choice if you can only have just one!

  9. Hi Tracy..welcome!

    That blue is an OR towel...just holding the sponge in place until he wakes up. By that time, there will be no more bleeding.

    Thanks for leaving a message....and Happy New Year to you!!

  10. I don't know how you could just pick one ... they are all so cute.

  11. Just so cute & cuddly. It would be so hard to just take one buck home. I like your fav & the little white with red one. The ducks are so pretty. Blessings!

  12. what darling faces! i was too chicken to watch the video though i wanted to learn...ugh...not that much. hope you can build some more housing for more goats. glad the duckies found a good home! jill

  13. Oh Bev, how would one ever decide. I want you to get all 3 but if I had to pick just one, I think my heart belongs to the cute little #2. He looks so precious. Can’t wait to hear!

  14. Oh Bev, you & Becky know you need them all! I say go for it....after all...
    "Jack"... "it's easier to ask for forgivness then permission!" lol!

  15. I hope he got some pain meds for when the bandage comes off? I would just be worried about the open wound cause a lot of pain when he walks. Or does the bandage stay on a while? Neat post, I so want a goat when I have a place of my own! :)


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