Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Old Man Winter pointed his icy finger at the farm this week.
We are in the midst of an arctic blast.
Just north of us, folks are having lots and lots of snow.
Flurries for us, gusty winds and temperatures dipping
into what we usually expect in January...
but not December.

Wintry winds are blowing...
and barn kitties are glowing.

Each of our barn kitties has a heat lamp above their bed.
Poor spoiled kitties.
They have been spending most of their days curled up
under the light...
reminds me of a fast food restaurant with three little cheeseburgers
all in a row under the heat lamps!

I just had to share this video of our grandson, Tyler.
Tyler has found his voice!
(turn up your volume)
He is definitely one happy baby.
And though this video ends with him starting to cry,
he stopped as soon as the video was over.


  1. Oh what a sweet little voice. Does Tyler spend time in a jolly jumper..that should have him I sure miss those years with my girls..they are so grown up now at 12 & 13. Mind you I do still have a blast with
    We are cold here also..and like your cats ours have NO intension of venturing outside. They are in the heated tack room enjoying life. They are not "barn cats" in there minds. lol
    Horses are very happy to come in every evening and after chores I am extremely happy to go back inside myself..brrrrr
    Keep warm Bev..its going to be a long one. Just glad we have so far avoided some of the extreme snow falls.
    Take care..Judi B.

  2. Nothing better than a toasty, warm kitty. Yes, they are lucky but so are we to know them. Little grandson is adorable. This should be a great Christmas. I have my first grand-daughter this year and I just know this will be the best, yet. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x5

  3. Three cheeseburgers. LOL!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  4. Three little cheesburgers, I love it. And wouldn't you think that Old Man Winter knows better then to point!! Take care, stay warm

  5. Cheeseburgers!!!!!
    poor little kitties..they look so warm and cozy...I could use one of those heat lamps...It's so cold!!

  6. I am so with with the kitties....
    Warm & snugglie is Good! or should I say, "purrrrfrct"....

    As for baby Tyler, what a cutie he is and I'll bet he constantly gets smoochie kisses from you...(but no Ritz crackers,,,yet! lol!)
    He is his Gramma's boy!
    Isn't it great having our sweet lil grandbabies....

  7. The catburgers got me too! LOL!

  8. Bev, Tyler is precious! He has your chin, I see! Always a treat to see whats happening on "the farm". All our best to your family!

  9. Thanks, Donna....I miss seeing you!!


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