Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rod Stewart's Got A Brand New........


After weeks and weeks of running around
with his rump exposed,

Rod Stewart, our White Polish Crested Roo is
sporting a new do!

And thank goodness,
with cold weather looming right around the corner,
this new tail puts my worries to rest.

I had feared that Rod would need a pair of woolen
pantaloons to make it through the winter!
Never fear, Rod....
it looks as though your bum is weather tight,
once again!!

I have to tell you,
he is breathing a sigh of relief, himself.
The thought of woolen pantaloons had him just a bit

Have a great day!
And remember to keep your bum covered.


Anke said...

Yeah, now Rod can shake his tail feathers once again!

CeeCee said...

I'd think we humans would shrivel up and hide if we had to molt every year. :) Glad Rod is sporting a warmer behind these days.

Junebug said...

Cool tail, Rod you are rocking!

Kelly said...

I might add that he looks much better with bum covering. It was down to 20 this morning and he would have had iced bum. Let him know that wool can be itchy.

Kent Island Red said...

And wouldn't he look adorable in a pair of wool pantaloons too? I'd like to see that!

taylorgirl6 said...

I so want to see those pantaloons!!

countrynmore said...

Yeah! Glad to hear it. You look mighty fine rooster there Rod.

Anonymous said...

and how proud he looks !!!

Wonky Girl said...

That is too much- ROFLMAO !!!

Verde Farm said...

Yay Rod! So glad you got your tail feathers back :) You are a handsome fella.


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