Monday, November 8, 2010

I've Figured It Out

So, finally, I think I have it figured out!
Remember when I posted about my turkeys....
2 quandaries.....first whether to eat or not (NOT!)
and second about what gender turkey #3 might be?

I have pondered this question for several months.
The turkey in question never really acted like a male,
yet, was bigger than the female.
His snood (that funny thing that hangs down from over his beak)
was just a tad bigger than a female's snood,
and I never heard him gobble......

Well, finally, yesterday morning as I was doing the chores,
the answer became apparent.
Turkey #3 is most definitely a male.

I witnessed a very interesting display of
male dominance.  
Turkey #3 puffed up his feathers, and displayed his tale
then he elongated his snood and his head turned a 
brilliant shade of blue.

The two males strutted side by side,
then did an awkward body slam.

At which point it became obvious that
turkey #1 was the winner and the more dominant.

His head turned crimson, his snood extended,
and he remained puffed up....gobbling victoriously.

Unfortunately for both of them,
the female was unimpressed.

When this display was over, turkey #3 retracted his snood,
and continued to carry it up close like a female.
He smoothed out his feathers and went on about
his daily routine....
order was once again restored to the turkey pen.
Everyone seems to know his place!

We had some excitement in the chicken houses this weekend.
The Ameraucana hens have begun to lay.
We now have green eggs!

I DO like green eggs and ham,
I do like them
Sam I Am!


  1. All very good looking birds. Glad to know there is peace in turkeyland at Bee Haven Acres, too!

  2. Congrats, I like green eggs too! (Can't eat the ham)... :(

  3. Handsome turkeys!! Glad the puzzle has been solved..will they have names now :)...

  4. What an aboslutely cool display buy the turkeys. And How cool that you caught it all on film so you could share. Neat!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Tell your little female that I don't like it when boys show off either. :)

    I have one ameraucana and she lays light pink eggs. I soooo wanted blue or green eggs.

  6. Ah, turkey envy! I can't wait to raise turkeys in the years to come. Their sounds and mannerisms are so unique. I never knew so much about that snood!

  7. My female turkey hatched and raised seven poults this summer. Interestingly, she displays male turkey behavior whenever she feels threatened. So one day last week...

    She and one of my barred rock hens got into a disagreement over some scratch. The turkey hen poofed up like a male displaying and hissed like a goose. I didn't know that they hissed! The barred rock-who is less than half the size of the turkey called her bluff and chased the momma turkey away.
    These birds never cease to amaze me and like you, I am always learning-love the adventure!


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