Tuesday, October 12, 2010

There's Nothing Like a Pedicure

I think everyone would agree...
there is nothing like a pedicure.

Our poor tired feet,
always walked upon,
stuffed into shoes,

Moonbeam would agree with that.

He has had shoes on his front feet all summer long.
Now that autumn has arrived and winter not far behind it,
it is time to remove his shoes.

Because our horses spend most of the time outdoors,
we remove shoes before winter to prevent slipping on the ice.

Meanwhile, the dogs wait patiently for the farrier to finish.

Almost done....

If they are very well behaved,
they get a special treat....

Yummy, yummy trimmings from Moonbeam's hooves
more tastier than rawhide and just as chewy!

Moonbeam, our Halflinger, is the only one of our horses who is shod.
He is the only one that can be ridden.
The littles and the ponies have natural hooves.
I keep them worn down with a rasp whenever I groom them.

Too bad, says the pups.  
They wish they got these yummy hoof treats more often.


  1. It is hard for me to imagine that hoof treats for a dog could be something worth waiting for.

  2. Never thoughts about horse trimmings as a dog treat. Moonbeam is just so beautiful. Good for Moonbeam and good for the doggies :)

  3. Moonbeam is a very good boy to stand there quietly tied to the fence while your farrier works on him. He has a very sweet face-I see that trimmings are nap time for him. Love those beautiful laid-back Halfies!
    Heather in PA

  4. I wish we could pick up hoof treats for out pups. No horses here. The girls would love them. They just think Ted's gloves are their treats. lol.


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