Monday, October 18, 2010

A Job For Sam

Sam and Oakley are two of the most energetic dogs I have ever met.
They need lots of exercise.
They also need a job.

Oakley is the hunter.
He patrols the woods and keeps the predators away.
Because of him, our chickens and ducks have 
suffered no attacks this year.

Sam is just starting to develop his farm skills.
Two weeks ago, Sam was a chicken chaser, 
and not a trustworthy farm dog.
Now, he is completely safe around the birds.
He's a very good pupil and learns fast.

The past few days he has been helping round up the horses.
Each afternoon, Sam runs around the pasture

 chasing the horses back to the barn.

The Bigs are usually the easiest to get moving.
Sam and Oakley stand guard at the gate,
until I get there to close it.

The Littles are a bit tougher.
Coming back to the barn is not their favorite activity.
It usually takes a halter and lead rope to bring them back.
Sam seems to understand this process,
and helps me bring in Red
while I lead Ollie. 

Good job, Sam.
I think we found your job!


  1. Smart dogs you have there. It is amazing how they see something and then take on the role in helping you out on the farm.

  2. Sharon, whatever are you doing up this late/early?? Don't you ever sleep????

  3. That dog with the leash is adorable! I need a couple pups around here - we've got another raccoon in the neighborhood! I keep telling Glen, that if I get a couple of goats, I can train them to carry the groceries from the car to the house. He's still not buyin' it.

  4. Good dogs need good jobs. :) I'm glad your boys have found their place.

  5. Smart dogs you have there. It always amazes me how smart they are and their capacity to learn. Looks like some great farm helpers :)

  6. Bev., I just happened to be up at 3:30 in the morning.

  7. So now you have a STAFF!!!

  8. I should talk....Maddie woke me up at 4:45....licking,licking, licking.....drives me crazy!


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