Friday, October 22, 2010


This video is for Sam's daddy (my son Andy).
(and for you, too, dear readers!)
If you have been following my blog, you will know 
that Sam came to live on the farm 2 weeks ago.
His daddy just rented an apartment...
and Sam needs room to run.
His daddy calls often to see how Sam is getting along.

Is Sam happy on the farm?
Well, here, dear Andy is your answer.....

Sam is having a blast!
And so is TomTom!!

Hope your weekend is full of Autumn's splendor.
Take a walk on crunchy leaves if you get a chance!

You never know what you might see!


Deere Driver said...

Got some herding instincts there!!
Fun is animals getting along.

taylorgirl6 said...

Too cute! I thought Sam might lose interest after a while, but he must have been having too good a time!

Anonymous said...

No worries, Andy!! LOVE to talk a walk with you!
This dumb thing won't let me sign in! kpaints

Anonymous said...

TomTom was bound to get the upper hand(paw)..too have a wonderful weekend as well..
The 3 Ms

Cynthia in Denver said...

I have laughed myself to tears!!!! Thank you for putting this on your blog and bringing joy to my day!!!

Kent Island Red said...

When you have entertainment like this at your house, who needs television?

Katmom said...

I can hear TomTom now,,,
"yeesch! I don't get paid nearly enough for babysitting this goofy dog!
Oh well, Dogs Droll & us Cats Rule!"....



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