Friday, August 13, 2010

Rainy Day Fun

We may have had more rain yesterday than we had all summer long.
All in one day.
The pond is almost overflowing its banks.
The ducks don't mind.

Our staycation plans had to be reworked.
Golf wasn't in the cards.

Instead we all went out for breakfast....
a big country breakfast.

Andy spent a bit of time trying to capture 
our hummingbirds on picture.
At one point he was surrounded by them.

An unexpected visit from Amanda made the day complete.
All four of our adult kids were home....together.
What a great day we had.
Scrabble, music, cooking together and feasting on garden fare....

Playing in the rain just may have been the highlight of the day.
It was so good to see 4 adult kids let themselves play like children again.
The laughter was infectious.

A trip to the garden to pick veggies for dinner
 turned into a rainy frolic
that 4 young adults won't soon forget!

Dinner was scrumptious,
made special by the fact that we all got into the preparation.

Crab cakes, baked acorn squash, fried eggplant,
tomatoes, watermelon, and creme brulee...
with all fruits and veggies from the garden.

And after dinner, the dogs had a little treat, too.
(yes, everyone brings their dogs home, too!)

As for the farm animals...
everyone stayed under cover today...
with the exception of 18 very happy ducks!


  1. We could really use some of that rain... I love the fact that all of your grown kids went outside to play in the rain. What fun! And the last picture gets me, that's a lot of dogs in your house.

  2. Sounds like the kids had fun in the rain, but I was wondering...where were you and Jack? Heee heee!

  3. What fun! See it doesn't hurt to play in the rain. My mom used to fuss at me she thought I would get struck by Love the family time all the family time including the dogs! Blessings,Karen

  4. Memories................

  5. Yes, I agree a great day was had by all! Isn't it fun to have everyone home laughing,being silly and of course eating. Oh what memories! Love the doggie picture, think I counted seven! HUGS!!

  6. Awe! All the kiddies and all the doggies under one roof with ya! If that doesn't feel like home, what does? Have fun!!

  7. those days will not be forgotten and I hope there will be many more for is short..happy that you are all making the most of it

  8. Thanks Bev for sharing your fun rainy day. I'm glad to find you from TeacupLane-Sandy. We share a common love of dogs, animals and nature. Enjoy your day!

  9. Look like you had a lot of fun !!!

  10. How fun! Usually when it rains here, everyone ducks for cover and it isn't just the animals. It is great that the adults had a fund day in the rain and on the farm.

  11. OMGosh!!! A house full and more! Kids and dogs, it must have been a ball! Many more to happen soon!


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