Friday, July 16, 2010

This Contest is For the Birds!

Well, I thought it might be time for a 
Bee Haven Acres Blog Contest.

You might remember that I bought 12 new chicks on April 10th 
at our feed store.
These were the Ameracauna chickens who will eventually
 lay  green eggs.
I bought a straight run (sounds like a card game)....
that means they were un-sexed.
Meaning....I have no idea how many are hens 
and how many are ROOSTERS!!!
Oh Lawd, I hope there are no ROOSTERS!!!

But, alas, I know there are.

"How?" you ask.

Because each morning I hear crowing 
coming from inside the henhouse....
no, a few different voices.

Land sakes, we got ROOSTERS!!!!

Ok, so the contest is this.
Please leave me a comment as to how many roosters 
you think I might have out of 12 chickens.

The winner will be determined as soon as
 the birds are old enough to tell for sure.
(which should be soon)

I think that this guy may be a ROOSTER...
See his/her lovely cheek muffs?

Ok, so leave me a comment stating the total amount of 
I have.

The winner will receive a "goody" box from Bee Haven Acres.
(perhaps a box full of roosters.....just kidding!)

If there is more than one correct guess, 
I will have a very creative drawing. guess, now....will ya!


  1. My guess would be 4. My egg customers like opening their carton and finding a green or blue egg. I try to put one in each. These chickens are the sweetest of all the ones we have on the farm.

  2. I think there are 4 roosters. Love your blogs!

  3. Mmhh... I'm just going to guess four roosters. For your sake I sure hope there are fewer, but that's my guess... What will you do with all the boys? Will you try and split them up and keep them, or will you try and find them new homes?

  4. I say six (though I hope not). My girl Americanas have the same big beards, actually bigger than the boy's beards. I ordered 5 straight run, they sent me six and I got three roosters and three hens.


  5. I'm going to say 5. Hope not but I'm thinking 5. Good luck

  6. Optimistically, I'm guessing 3 roosters. Most of the guys I know like to hang out in threes :)

  7. Oh Bev, I always buy pullets so this is just a guess, so I say 2 roosters. Of course I am the eternal optimist. LOL

    Have a blessed day!

  8. I'm guessing 3....It's Hanks revenge!!!!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Fran email.....says there are 4 roosters!

  11. Okay I will leave a guess, just because I got Silkie straight run chicks this spring and out of four Silkies I got four roosters, I have so much noise in the morning. So my guess is that you got 5 roosters. I really do hope that it is not more.

  12. I sure hope your luck is better then mine. I do think you remember my two that were guarenteed hens and I ended up with Bruce Almighty. So I am going high with 5 roosters. Does stew come to mine? I think my next chicks will be Ameracauna. But also remember I am NOT getting anymore chickens! My famous line!

  13. yeah, unfortunately, I'm going to guess five too. I order only hens and still end up with roosters!


  14. I say 3. We've only had one out of the twelve we've raised turn out to be a roo, so not everyone has crap odds. He ended up being a very tasty boy, too.

  15. We had 4 roos out of 10 so since you have a dozen birds, I will guess 5. Good luck. We only kept 1 and he stalks me. I love him anyway!

  16. I'm going with the number of six. I laughted when I read your post Bev. And I know I shouldn't. I hope for your sake it's less than six.

  17. I'll guess 4 roosters. Hopefully you won't really have that many.

  18. I'm going to say four roosters and hope and pray that I do not win any roosters! Well, I wouldn't mind but my husband would cook him!

  19. Hi Bev. I'm going to guess 4 roosters. We just had to give away one of our roosters yesterday. So far the hen house is much more peaceful! I hope we don't have more roosters!


  20. Hubby and I conferred on this....:) and we hope and are guessing that 5 are roosters-hopefully you have over half that are hens!!!!

  21. Well, I am poor at guessing, but you had a lot of guesses so far. Hmmmmout of 12. Let me see....maybe and hopefully not more than 4 roosters. For your sake, I hope that it is less.

  22. I am guessing 6, yes that is right 6!

  23. my guess is three. Good luck....

  24. I think at least 3 of them are roosters, just from your photos. Look at the ones with the really tall pink combs. That's usually how I identify them. I say six, because of the annoyingly even split between sexes in straight run. I've tried to get silkie hens for years, and get roosters every dang time.

  25. I am going to guess six, but I really hope for your sake it is not that many!

    ~ Tracy

  26. I'm gonna try to be positive and say 2 roosters! Love your blog!

  27. Did anyone guess two? I will say two. I purchased two of this breed last year from a breeder. The chicks were supposed to have been sexed but I got a rooster out of just two. His comb turned very red even before it grew larger than the female chicks. Oh he was a beauty but he was mean so I gave him away. The female is red with huge muffs.
    Really enjoy your blog :)

  28. Cynthia in DenverJuly 16, 2010 at 9:05 PM

    Hm. I was going to say four, but figured I would up the ante to five. However, I see a lot of fives in the comments and so for the sake of devil's advocate (and just to be different): Seven. Final answer. Seven. Hope not.

  29. Every time I order straight run chicks I get more roos than hens. So if you have 12 birds I am going to say seven roos.
    We'll see!
    Heather in PA

  30. I'm going to say 7, though I hope not! I only say a number that high because when we bought a straight run we received more roosters than hens! lol

  31. I'm going to be truly pessimistic and say 9. I haven't seen anyone else say that.

  32. I am going to be very very optomistic and say just 1!!!!!! Trying to save a surgeon's arms!!!

  33. I say you get 5 roosters. I wish you more hens, but chances are you get at least 5 roosters.

  34. I am guessing(4) roosters..I just posted about building a coop for my Dad and he wants to get easter laying chickens and a few ture laying brown layers..the hobby has started again for him.. wink!

  35. Please don't hate me. I say 7. I hope I'm wrong. ;)

  36. My word verification says seven. The last rooster that got near me left a nasty wound, so I hope I'm wrong seven times over!

  37. I think you have 3 roosters!! Also, love the playhouse and the garden house. Everything looks great even with the heat and more heat. We have been so hot here for a LONG time now. Not much rain either.

  38. I'm going to take a wild guess here and say 4. Hmmm... we'll see.

    Hope you have a great evening,

  39. I guess 8--CRAZY 8!!! (Hank's memory will live on!!)

  40. I'm guessing 2. I've been enjoying your blog this evening. I found you on Where Women Create.

  41. I say four.
    Have you named all the chicks yet?


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