Monday, June 14, 2010

Splish Splash!

Splish Splash we were taking a bath.....

The new ducklings are huge now 
and ready to venture out into the world of the pond.

Yesterday the door to their duck hut was opened,

and out marched 17 ducks...
They moved as if they were one big duck. 
 If one turned they all turned.
They ate grass at the side of the pond.
They splashed around in the shallow end,
until it was nothing but mud.
They had a blast!
Dunking, diving, swimming, splashing,
playing in the mud, grooming themselves.
Ahh....this is what a duck is meant to do!
Splish Splash!


  1. looks like they're doing a lot of wading...hope they can swim =) !! Where did they spend the night???

  2. They actually covered the entire pond throughout the day....and back in the duck hut to sleep. Will let them out later today again for more fun in the sun!!

  3. Cute video, doing what ducks do! I glad to hear they went back to the duck hut at night. Let's hope they learn this very important lesson.

  4. Would love to see this video with the music from "splishin and a splashin." music-no words, but just the music.

  5. They are certainly a happy flock of ducks!!! How neat to have them right by the creek.

  6. Thanks for sharing, thanks for the smiles. I just love my ducks, though they are getting up in age, they still have a blast when they go out.


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