Thursday, June 17, 2010

Duck, Duck, Dog

Yesterday afternoon, after chores,
the dogs and I headed down to the pond to check on the ducks.

They are really enjoying their pond time each day.
Every morning, Methuselah, our old Campbell duck, 
is waiting on the shore beside the duck hut....pacing...
waiting for his new friend to come out to play.

I open the door and quack quack, waddle waddle,
out come 17 ducks headed straight for the water.

18 ducks swim off together....

Each evening we round up the new ducks and head them back into their house.
This involves Jack in a canoe and me on the shore,
guiding them into safety.

But back to yesterday afternoon....

Maddie ran right into the water, Oakley avoided it.
Who ever heard of a Lab that doesn't swim?

Maddie headed out to swim with the ducks...

Oakley swam in the grass...

Happy Maddie....

Wary Oakley...

Sadie cools off...

Always the spectator...

Where's Hickory, you ask?
She stayed back at the house...napping.
The pond is just a little too far for her.


  1. Priceless..the look on Maddies why is everyone dry..DAH!!LOL>>to funny!! The ducks I am sure are enjoying her company.
    Never a dull moment is there!!


  2. Theres my girl, now my day is complete! Oh the love affair with Sadie! I love the picture of Happy Maddie, what a cute face. Humm, Oakley I guess water isn't her thing. I also happy Methuselah finally has friends! Now just teach Maddie to be a duck herder.

  3. Love that pic of Maddie, 4th from the bottom, what a sweet face!!!!

  4. You came by for a visit - THANKS - it meant a great deal!

    So far still looking for my farm -- yours is so delightful I love how you show what you do daily and just showing photos of what you've gotten from your garden -- yummy,yum I could be happy sitting under one of your shade tree eating those berries. I see you enjoy Mary Jane Farms too - my husband and I nearly went to visit her farm and was planing to stay at the B&B inn when WORK got in the way - its our 30 year marriage Ann, just back at the end of May -- I love love that area where her farm is - it's heavenly beautiful.. I 've been in parts of PA, 2 years ago doing family history indate. Now talk about another area of
    heaven - you live in a dream place to have a farm. Thanks for sharing about your life on your farm it gives me hope that I too can have the farm in my 50's -- wink!

  5. Great pics and post as always! Just wanted to let you know that I've given you an award on my blog today. It's at:


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