Thursday, May 13, 2010

You Can Lead A Dog....

You can lead a dog....

to water....

but you cannot make him swim!
Maybe Oakley is afraid he will lose his
"Breathe Right Strip".
Oh wait!  That's slobber on his nose.
Whoever heard of a Lab that doesn't swim?
So far we have not seen Oakley get into the pond.

Here is someone who is never shy about the water...

Perhaps Oakley heard Sadie say how dangerous water can be!
You would never see her swimming.
Yep, that's Sadie the chicken dog.
Maybe we need a couple pairs of doggie
water wings!!

It's gonna be a hot summer, kids, if you stay out of the pond!


  1. Bev, don't feel bad. Harley (our Lab mix) doesn't like the water either. We've taken her to a lake before and she barely got her paws wet, same with streams, lakes and ponds. That slobber strip looks very familiar...

  2. Oakley sure is handsome, even with the slobber.


  3. Oh how funny! A lab that doesn't like water????? Now for Sadie I understand. She has such a beautiful coat, who would want to mess that up! She must have looked in the mirror before the pond trip. I sure enjoy your doggie posts!

  4. no lab in that dog!!! Oh well, maybe he'll warm up to it..wonder if the ducks would make it more enticing!!!

  5. Oakley looks like one happy doggie! Dogs to play with and a farm to run around on. What dog wouldn't be happy at Bee Haven Acres.

  6. How crazy is that!!! Even my chihuahua likes water!!!!!

  7. Our shitz hates going into the water, barely even drinks!


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