Tuesday, April 6, 2010

She's Back

After spending months at a Caribbean Spa,
Minerva Mae Honeycut
has returned to supervise gardening at
Bee Haven Acres.
Minerva Mae spent the summer, last year, tending garden.
She had a rough summer...too much rain in the Spring...
too many weeds to keep up with.

This year she is happy to be supervising the new garden boxes.
And because the garden has had a makeover, so has she.
They did wonders at that spa.
Here is what she looked like last year:
After following a good diet and getting plenty of exercise,
not to mention letting her hair go back to its natural shade,
(no more bottle blond for Minerva)
 and a new dress and apron...

She looks marvelous, don't you think?
Her cheeks are rosey, her eyes are bright.
She's ready for a summer in the sun,
beneath the shade of her new sunbonnet.

PS:  Sissy and O'Malley are due to kid any day now.  We are so excited for the birth of their little goats....the first for each of them.  We will let you know as soon as the big event happens!


  1. She sure is cute and she looks so relaxed and ready to go to work.

  2. Oh Minerva Mae, welocme back! You look marvelous!! The spa treatments have done wonders! Your stylist fabulous and your steamstress out of this world!! Enjoy your summer on the farm!

  3. welcome back Minerva..I'd try to get an umbrella to protect you from summers burning rays ....You look great

  4. Oh Minerva looks so refreshed! I love her new dress...............

  5. Do you name names? I need the name of that spa!!! :>) They did wonders on Minerva Mae! She is beautiful, and looks at least 10 years younger.
    Hope we have a better summer for gardening here in central PA.

  6. Oh, she's lovely! :) The closest thing I have is a mannequin torso painted up, reclining in the shade of a cedar tree. She isn't good at keeping the birds away, but she makes trespassers do a double take!

    Honestly though; Minerva Mae looks 100% ready to roll for this season.


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