Thursday, March 18, 2010

Moving Day For Kids

The "Kids" have grown up....oh my how they've grown.
Their little horns stick up about an inch on their heads.
And they've learned how to use them...
only on each other.

Poor Sissy and O'Malley who are still pregnant (due in April)
have been tortured lately by the little bucklings.
As boys often do, they have one thing on their mind.
And of course that is the last thing on a pregnant doe's mind!

So, there was nothing left to do but re-arrange the goat pens.

We moved Missy and Myrtle and their "kids" in with
Aunt Jill and Uncle Jack.

Forrest moved in with Sissy and O'Malley.

Everyone is happy.
Especially because the moms get extra portions of chow.
That means everyone will be getting a little fat this spring.

Although the doelings love to climb under the fence gate
and visit with Sissy and O'Malley,
the bucklings seem content to remain inside their new yard
and climb Mt. Fainter (log mountain/jungle gym).
Unfortunately, the next move that these kids make will be to their new homes.  All but Nettie B. will be adopted by new families.  We are hoping to keep one or two of the kids that will be born in April, too.  

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  1. I want to come visit and have some fun too....he he! Glad all their new homes are working out!



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