Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Projects for Spring

Each spring we add to our bluebird houses.  We now have about 21 bluebird houses scattered around the property.  Every February Hubbs cleans the old nests out of the bluebird houses.  Invariably one or two become home to some mice during the winter months.  Finding a mouse nest and its inhabitants is always a bit startling for Hubbs (he knows they'll be there, but is never quite ready for them!)

 Each year about this time the Eastern Bluebird starts building his nests in our houses.   I have been hearing their song each morning during morning chores.  "Cheer, cheerful charmer" he cries from atop the fence posts.
(courtesy of Google Images)

Hubbs painted a few new houses to install this year.  We also are putting up a screech owl house.  We have a number of owls who call our woods home.  Most of the year we can hear the calls of the great horned owl, the barred owl, and the screech owl.  The screech owl is a tiny owl who doesn't actually screech.  He has a call that is more like a haunting "trill".
(courtesy of Google Images)

This is our favorite nighttime sound in the summer.  In an attempt to attract more, we are providing nesting boxes for them.

I hope to eventually get my own pictures of these beautiful birds...but I think that the screech owl may be a bit of a challenge.  He is out at nighttime and well hidden during the light of day.



  1. Lucky you, bluebirds and a screech owl. It always makes me happy to see a new species of bird in our backyard. Just yesterday I was lucky enough to watch lots and lots of cedar waxwings getting a drink from our pond. I had never seen them here before and had to look them up to identify them.
    Your birdhouses are wonderful!

  2. I have 3 pair of bluebirds that feed at my front porch feeder..They've been here all winter..they love sunflower seed hearts..I guess I should have a house for them but the sparrows seem to win out so I haven't bothered

  3. Thanks for the photos, they were fun to look at. I love owls. I think they are so beautiful and always delight when I get the pleasure of seeing one.

  4. Wow, hubbs is a very tidy person, not a drop of paint did he spill! I am impressed! That coming from a painting contractor! lol
    So please show a picture of the owl house when it is done, I think I would like to make one. There is often an owl here, not sure what kind but I would like to encourage them. Thanks.

  5. I love the picture of the little bluebird. We don't have them here in our part of the US. I have many little meadowlarks that hang out in my tree. The neighbor has a feeder they visit regularly. That little owl is so cute I'm sure not as cuddling as he looks. I would also like to see the picture of the owl house. I so enjoy your blog, thanks for giving me a pleasurable morning booster!

  6. What a beautiful bird. We have been seeing birds around here that we have never seen before. I enjoy listening to the birds.

  7. Love the bluebirds and houses you built for them. My daughter is studying Goldeneye (ducks) on the Chena River in Fairbanks and builds the same style boxes for them to nest in. They are frequently taken over by small owls for egg laying and hatching their young. The owls are messy housekeepers as they feed their young, mice, voles and shrews until they are ready to fledge.
    Love your blogs, have been following for several months this winter. I grew up in Jersey Shore (not far from your farm) and have enjoyed your farm stories and beautiful animals. Thank-you, Kim


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