Monday, February 22, 2010

Squirrel Proof

I must admit, I have to laugh whenever I see a bird feeder that is advertised as squirrel-proof.  I have come to the conclusion that that particular item just does not exist.  We tried putting one of those large metal cone shaped squirrel proofers on the pole from which some of our bird feeders hang.  The squirrels just climbed the closest tree and jumped onto the feeders.

I caught the funniest scene on one of our bird feeders this weekend.  This little guy was hanging on for dear life...

by his toes....yes literally by his toes....  

He stayed there for several minutes, until his belly was full of tasty sunflower seeds.  Then he pulled himself back up onto the roof,  jumped back down to the ground and scampered away.

Although some see squirrels as  pests, we enjoy their antics almost as much as the birds.  So, we buy extra bird seed and feed the squirrels as well.  Squirrels play an important part around the farm.   If they are readily available, they serve as food for the owls and hawks, thus diminishing the predators' need for our chickens.  Squirrels build large nests high in the trees, which then become homes for owls and other birds.

The world is a perfect place without human intervention.  Each animal has its purpose...a sacredness to each tiny life.  Our job on this planet is to act as stewards and to care for the land.  We are a territorial species and like to think that we "own" the land.  But, the land belongs to the was theirs long before we moved in!  Perhaps the "pests" in this whole picture are us.



  1. The picture of the squirrel hanging on the feeder is hilarious. We really enjoy watching the squirrels in our backyard and actually buy extra squirrel food and corncobs for them. The blue jays enjoy that as well, so it's win win for us. It's just fun to watch all the different critters we get in our backyard...

  2. I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I have read it for a long time and have a new farm myself where we are experimenting with many new adventures. It is nice to know we have company and likeminded people out there. But I injured my knee a week ago yesterday and have been sofa bound, missing my animals and farm activity, your blog has been something so nice to look forward to when I can't get out there myself. THanks so much!

  3. If only they would just take their fair share!! I always laugh when they say a humming bird feeder is leak proof...I have yet to find one though I keep trying

  4. So funny. You've got to love their tenacity. I enjoy watching the squirrels in the trees behind our house as well.

  5. They are fun to watch..I have to agree about squirrel proof bird feeders..even the one that swings them around only partially works ..although it does eventually send them flying

  6. Oh how cute!! I don't have any in my yard so I still think they are adorable. I think my daughter and granddaughters have given names to their family of squurrels. I love watching them at their house. Enjoy your day!

  7. Wonderful post! What fabulous pictures, can't believe you were there at the perfect moment! I have only seen one squirrel here and he apparently did not last long. Dash loved tormenting him. :D Sorry... ha. I have a pheasent right now and I am loving that!

  8. Good Morning Bev! What a daring photo - I just laughed when I saw that fellow hanging by his toes. How funny! We use to feed the birds but now I just have the bird bath. When we did feed I didn't mind what kind of animals and/or birds came - I liked them all. I put a board up in our tree branches one time with feed and looked out the kitchen window and at first thought it was a chicken sitting eating it was so big but then I realized it was a pheasant (they lived in the fields across from our home). That was something. If you build it they will come! Have a good day.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  9. That is too cute! You are an awesome photographer. And I love what you said about every animal having it's purpose. Every animal, every bird, but I still haven't figured out what a ground hog is for. :>)


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